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  1. Looking to start a new model to celebrate the Battle of Britain. Whats the best Hurricane in 1/32nd scale and also in 1/48th scale? Thanks!!
  2. Question for everyone.... Is the 1/32 Hobby Boss Spitfire Mk VB the old Hasegawa kit?
  3. thanks guys! David I may take you up on your off. thank you so much.
  4. I am currently building a 1/48 F-14 Tomcat for my son and want to put his name on the canopy. What decals should I use to customize this and what size?
  5. Beautifully done and thank you for the build tips!
  6. rogerp

    Academy P-40B

    I am about to start the Academy P-40B in 1/48th scale. I want to finish it as Boyington's AVG plane #21. Does anyone make decals for this ? Also does anyone make a Flying Tigers paint scheme paint mask in this scale?
  7. What is the best Avro Lancaster bomber kit available in 1/72? I am leaning towards the Hasegawa Mk l/ Mk lll. Need your input please.
  8. rogerp

    109 help

    Thanks everyone for your help
  9. rogerp

    Best Zero Kit

    Enjoy it... I am sure you will be pleased.
  10. rogerp

    Best Zero Kit

    In my honest opinion it would have to be Tamiya...NIce model, good and accurate outline, good cockpit
  11. rogerp

    109 help

    Need Advice from all 109 experts out there! I plan on building a 1/48th scale Bf109E-4 in the future and was wondering which is the best kit. Is it Tamiya or Hasegawa?
  12. Looks like you are making great headway and it looks great.... I enjoyed my build and will be watching yours with interest.
  13. I have also built this kit and would concour that you just follow the directions as it is a fantastic kit. You can go crazy with details (like I did) with the floatation device in back of the cockpit, etc - which no one will ever see. Check out the j-aircraft website for lots of facts and details. Most of all just have fun and enjoy a great kit!
  14. Thanks everyone, The eyes just aren't what they used to be....
  15. Did we ever find out where these were available as I may be interested also.
  16. Just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and say that it is good to be back in IPMS. I started modeling about 40 years ago and was in to it quite heavily, even working at the Squadron Shop in Maryland. Then things began to take a lot of time away from my hobby. Now I am finally back and have started my first model in a number of years - the 1/32 Tamiya P-51D Mustang. My favorite aircraft is the F4U Corsair. I have a lot of models on the "to-do" list and hopefully will get thru most of them. All are 1/32 scale aircraft except for the new 1/72 scale "Black Pearl" ship from Zvezda Looking to post photos of my progress and receiving the all important constructive criticism. Roger
  17. I really like the Tamiya acrylics but the only problem is that a lot of colors are not available which means you have to mix them,. I always clean out my airbrush with denatured alcohol and it works well on both Tamiya, MM, and other acrylics.
  18. MA is correct. They changed the name a bit ago. Some stores don't even sell it anymore but Amazon has it ...be sure you do not get the one for wooden floors as it is not the same. Future also has a short shelf life for our purposes before it starts to appear cloudy. So depending on how much you build, etc. plan on buying a bottle at least once a year or even more often.
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