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  1. That's a much cooler look than the orange and white I remember! Nicely done!
  2. Many thanks, everyone!
  3. Thanks Gil! You're too kind! It's out of the box (aside from the decals which were from a Hi-Decal set with the kit decals for non-skid walkways). The ladders were included and the wingfold is actually how the parts break down. I'm sure painting and final assembly would be easier with them assembled in the spread position (because you could do that early on), but I think the fit might have been more challenging. The braces were even included, which is a neat touch. Just did a panel line wash, some streaking with artists oils, and exhaust staining on the empennage with pastels.
  4. Hey all. My first project after almost 4 years, thanks to a move and a few deployments!
  5. I'm another one who just loves to see how folks capture the discoloration on the 'hot' part of bare metal finishes. Very nicely done!
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