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  1. Congratulations, you did what not many other modelers have done. You've finished a 1/72 space shuttle stack! Nice work!
  2. Those decal and paint instructions are not the greatest IMHO. Some of the color callouts had me wondering if it was outsourced to somebody who had never done a shuttle before. ;) As for my book (the shuttle one), it won't be out likely until 2013. I am currently involved in writing a history book on the space station programs (pre Skylab and Salyut to ISS) right now and the manuscript for that needs to be done by this November/December. I won't be able to start work on the shuttle model resource book with full effort until that one is done. I have collected a lot of information in the mean
  3. Very nice decal job. Only thing is if you are going with the USA and Flag decals on the left wing (and the gray NASA logo with ship name on the other wing) it will NOT have the Nasa Meatball on the fuselage. Just a minor thing. :)
  4. That actually looks pretty decent. Once it is on the ET it should look pretty good. Its one of those nice little eye catches, should you look around on the back side of the stack.
  5. Well Dick, whatever you come up with, I am sure it will look great just the same, based on what I am seeing thus far. As much as I like building shuttles myself, I also like looking at what others have achieved with them. :) BTW, for the engines, Tamiya Metallic gray works nice for the OMS motors and steel with drybrushed silver on the raised areas works great on the main engine bells. You can see the steel I used on mine, although the OMS motors should actually be a little lighter in coloring than the SSME engine bells.
  6. I don't think Dragon will ever finish a 1/72 Saturn V since it is a bit too large (we are talking about 7 feet tall here). A 1/72 Saturn 1B maybe, but not likely with a V. As for what I would love to build, I've thought long and hard. Admittedly what I want is space related as well and of course, I don't expect anyone to do them as space subjects have a bit limited exposure. But, I think they would be feasable if somebody at one of the companies put fourth the capital to do them. 1/48 Space Shuttle Orbiter (ONLY the orbiter)- I've seen a couple NASA 1/48 shuttle models up close, so an
  7. Just remember, superglue can be a bit brittle. It gives good strength in one direction, but the sheer strength is not great (which is why horizontal stabs glued on airplane models with CA glue can be knocked off with a good side knock). I prefer using plastic weld glues for most of my work and if I have to use CA glues, I use rubber toughened CA glues as they are a little stronger. But as I said, a good slow cure epoxy should work fine on the bipod strut (as well as the aft attachment point) to give the model a solid connection. At least the stock stand with its third support arm going up the
  8. A little glossy on the ET, but the coloring is pretty good (and flat coating the ET will fix that anyway).
  9. If you think that is crazy, wait until you see my next shuttle. ;) BTW, although I know you plan to use the original stand (since this is a build for review), it is not a bad idea to use epoxy when gluing the bipod strut to the ET and the orbiter. That piece is the only weak link in the chain. Also, if you want some other ideas for this model, crack open your 2011 IPMS Nationals convention book as I wrote a nice space shuttle article in it that serves as a good primer for building this kit. It will potentially give you some other ideas as well. And acquiring some aftermarket decals would b
  10. The decals I used are the OOP Cutting Edge tile decals that were offered back in 2003-04. These are VERY difficult to come by these days for less than a kings ransom. But I was able to source a few sets in both 1/144 and 1/72 they were out. There is a knockoff set on eBay that pops up from time to time, but Keith McNeill in the UK also offers a decal set in both 1/144 and 1/72. He took high resolution images from the shuttle RPM backflip manuevers to make his decals and the results look much better. However, the sheets are also expensive as heck due to the printing process he used (ALPS I beli
  11. Hey Dick, you should have let me know at Nationals that you were working on a shuttle. I've built two of those Monogram monsters and have a few tricks to getting them looking good. Your work thus far is outstanding BTW. One thing that works well for the ET is to spray it with texture paint, either the whole tank or just along the seams. I've done it along the seams and then added a primer layer over that and it worked well. But I know of one other modeler who did the whole tank except for portions of the intertank region and he had a better result I think (partly because the tank had a uni
  12. I've got one of the Message from Space kits and it is ALL styrene plastic. I've never seen a resin one (or were you referring to an Entex kit from the Black Hole?). If anything, the plastic kits done by Bandai for Message from Space were BETTER than the film (although Japanese live action production standards at the time were different from US standards, so WE may consider it a bad film when in Japanese circles it likely was not so bad). The two fighters (Comet Fire and Galaxy Runner) were done as kits and they had the classic late 1970s trend of being able to be built with pull back motors so
  13. The coloring looks good to me. Besides, Cylons are machines with no sense of color anyway (short of those snazzy green pentagon symbols and black stripes on the wings of the Raiders). As for knowing which ship is which, probably transponder signals take the guesswork out.
  14. Heck, the Estes Enterprise rocket that came out in the 1970s proved that. It had a big nose probe strapped to the front to move the center of pressure forward of the CG, but it flew nice and straight with the thrust line coming from the impulse deck. Playmates also did an Enterprise D glider toy that could fly well enough. If a "real" Enterprise has a rather dense CG, then propulsion coming from the impulse engines would make it fly just fine. Now if propulsion comes from the warp engines, then it would tumble. But those engines don't put out rocket exhaust like giant SRBs. They warp space to
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