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  1. very nice and well done any more in the hopper
  2. Well I have some sad / bad news. The bad storm that went through Indy lastnight put our sump pump into overdrive and it couldn't keep up with the water that was coming in. That said, the basement flooded and it's going to set the start of the next model behind. The next model did take on some water and I may use it still. More to come. Rich
  3. I tell my wife that I have no clue how stuff ends up in the house all the time.
  4. thanks for all the kind comments it's nice to see that everyone enjoyed it. I feel as if I short changed everyone now, because I rushed through it to finish it up. I'm going to start another one and it should be even better than this one. I'll try not to rush it. I just wanted to get it finished so I could start another one that I have bigger and better plans for. I may put some WIP pics up or put together a sneak preview up here and there. Thanks Again Rich
  5. Thanks. I have patience for things that I enjoy ( aviation, models, photography, my kids ), it's the morons of the world that I don't have patience for. :-D I'm glad you liked it. Thanks again
  6. I just got around to signing up for the forums after reading them for some time. I like the people on here and the way they all help each other out. I'm not an expert when it comes to painting and model building but like most, I do it for fun. I put this B-17 together via stop motion and it was over 1300 images. I hope you enjoy it. I have another in the hopper as soon as I get some props. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOgkFKaw2pA
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