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  1. Reviewed by: Ben Morton Company: Tiger Werke Ammo bunkers were used in Vietnam at Fire Support Bases-FSB (artillery emplacements) for the storage of ammo, powder, and fuses. Built with any available material including 105mm wooden ammo crates, metal culverts, PSP, or wooden planks these ammunition bunkers were everywhere a FSB was located. Some of these structures were also used as personnel shelters. Tiger Werke has done the modeling community a service by providing not one but three different style of ammo bunkers that are suitable for any 1/35 scale Vietnam-era fire base diorama or vignette This particular review revolves around TW-35217, the Type III Ammo Bunker. This style shows a section of culvert stacked with sandbags protecting a small bunker that was constructed from empty, wooden ammunition crates. more...View the full article
  2. Reviewed by: Ben Morton Company: Tiger Werke During the Vietnam War the U.S. Army established fire bases in various locales to support the far flung forward operating /patrol bases set up to...well...patrol the country side. The fire bases were locations where emplaced artillery, either towed or self-propelled, could rain artillery fire down on unsuspecting enemy combatants and the occasional, errant water buffalo. more...View the full article
  3. Reviewed by: Ben Morton Company: Tiger Werke Tiger Werke is adding to its line of resin diorama accessories with a U.S. Vietnam Ammo Bunker. The company has two other types of ammo bunkers available but this missive is only concerned only with the Type II version. more...View the full article
  4. Reviewed by: Jarrod Booth Company: ICM ICM Is a Ukrainian company who has really made a name for themselves in the plastic model community. An informative history of the B-26K Counter Invader is included on the cover of the instruction manual and I took a picture of so it could be read there. The model was contained within a very strong, lid opening box. The sprues were found inside several plastic bags which protected the parts. Three instruction manuals and two decal sheets were laying in the bottom of the box. In my edition a single sprue of US Pilots and Ground Personnel were included, as well as US Aviation Armament (four sprues), both in their own bag. more...View the full article
  5. Reviewed by: Rick Taylor Company: Vargas Scale Models Introduction more...View the full article
  6. Reviewed by: Frank Landrus Company: Kagero Publishing Based in Central Europe, Kagero Publishing House is the biggest publisher and exporter of English-written publications about military history, releasing nearly 60 titles every year. Founded by Damian Majsak in 1995, Kagero expanded in 1998 to release new publications in English. Illustrator Waldemar Góralski is one of many Kagero contributors, and has authored over twenty five publications. more...View the full article
  7. Reviewed by: Chris Smith Company: Pen & Sword Dangerous times followed the end of WWII. In quick succession, the emerging superpowers not only armed themselves with nuclear weapons but showed an overt willingness to use them. The spread of communism into the Eastern European bloc countries and the Asian continent created a need for information so the United States and her allies could make informed decisions about the enemy's intentions. The exploits of the U-2 and SR-71/A-12 pilots who braved overflying hostile territory at high altitude in order to get a strategic, big picture of our enemies have been well documented. What we don’t hear a lot about are the efforts of those tasked with collecting localized intelligence for use on a more immediate time scale. more...View the full article
  8. Reviewed by: Phillip Cavender Company: Pen & Sword Pen & Sword Books are not new to the plastic modeling industry. The UK based publishing company has been around since 1990 while churning out titles covering subjects from military, aviation, maritime and including other areas of history. more...View the full article
  9. Reviewed by: Jarrod Booth Company: HMH Publications The Airbus Atlas A-400M is a 4 engine, turbo prop, military transport filling a place (size wise) between the Boeing C-17 and Lockheed’s C-130. It is operated by the French, Italians, Britain and others. This soft cover book is made using high quality paper and is superbly put together. It shows the aircraft in its various air force colors, variants and an extensive pictorial excursion around it. There are hundreds of beautifully detailed photographs of every part of the A-400M, from close ups to action shots of the aircraft on the ground and flying. more...View the full article
  10. Reviewed by: Phil Peterson Company: Scale Publications Richard Marmo is one of the founding members of IPMS/USA, member #2, yep, 2. He has been creating ebooks on how to build kits, photo journals and other stuff for a while. This time for issue 13 what better project than the Munsters Living Room. Now you younger lads and lasses may not know The Munsters but those of us with a few more years under our belts are very familiar with this show that ran from 1964 to 1966 and then syndication. You can still find it on television today or watch it for free on Peacock. The Munsters Living Room kit was originally released by Aurora back in the 60’s and then rereleased by Polar Lights in the late 1990s. Round2 picked up the license after Polar Lights went under however it is not currently in production. more...View the full article
  11. Reviewed by: Scott Hollingshead Company: Arma Hobby While Arma Hobby has been in business since 2013, they are a newer company to me, and this was my first opportunity to build one of their wonderful kits. Their mission is to manufacture the highest quality plastic kits that offer both extreme surface detail and are easy to build. While I will agree on the fantastic surface detail, I am not certain that I would call this kit easy to build. While I do highly recommend this kit, I do recommend that the builder have some experience before taking on a project like this. more...View the full article
  12. Reviewed by: Jason Holt Company: Iliad Design The P-51 in Air National Markings have always interested me and when I saw Iliad Decals was releasing another sheet with them, I couldn’t pass it up. Ironically the Ohio ANG marking included on this sheet was one that I had considered including for the 2009 and the 2015 IPMS Nationals Decal sheets but never made the cut. I am pleased that Iliad decided to do this particular marking. more...View the full article
  13. Reviewed by: Ben Morton Company: AMMO by Mig Jimenez Arid Dry Ground (or Mud) texture from Ammo/MiG is a newer edition to their line of Vignettes Acrylics. This product is designed for small and medium sized dioramas or vignettes and comes ready to use in a 100ml tub. This particular product has a coarser texture than some of the other textural products ( I.E. concrete) in AMMO/MiG's catalog. more...View the full article
  14. Reviewed by: Ben Morton Company: AMMO by Mig Jimenez Concrete Texture from Ammo is a relatively new product from their Vignettes Acrylic line. This product is designed for small and medium sized dioramas or vignettes and comes ready to use in a 100ml tub. Borrowing from Ammo's own description: The application method is remarkably simple. You can use any kind of tool at hand and the CONCRETE TEXTURE can be mixed with other weathering materials such as pigments or acrylic paints to create a full range of authentic concrete effects. It can be used for any scale ranging from 1/16 to 1/72. more...View the full article
  15. Reviewed by: Phillip Cavender Company: MMP Books Opel Blitz, is number 24 in the “Camera On” series published by MMPBooks/Stratus. The author, Alan Ranger, has written over 20 books in the Camera On Series dealing with German and Japanese armor specializing in soft skin and armored vehicles. With Opel Blitz Camera On # 24 published in 2021, the author presents photographs of various light and mid-weight truck series built by the German Opel automobile manufacturer. more...View the full article
  16. Reviewed by: David Dodge Company: MRC Gallery Models Intro The Sturmgeschutz III was the second most produced German armored combat vehicle after the Sd. Kfz 251 halftrack. It was the most produced fully tracked armored vehicle. It was built on a modified Panzer III chassis replacing the turret with an armored fixed superstructure mounting a more powerful gun. Initially intended as a mobile assault gun for direct fire support for infantry The StuG III was continually modified and was later employed as a tank destroyer Background Gallery Models is not a widely known brand and it was apparently acquired by MRC. The StuG III is their newest release and the tooling looks different from what I have seen of photos the Takom 1/16 StuG kit. Opening the box. (Covered in Part 1) more...View the full article
  17. Reviewed by: Allan Murrell Company: ICM ICM has released kit of a British Royal Marine Office in their 1/16 figure series. The Royal Marine is in the standard parade uniform with Sword. In the box is; 2 x light grey Sprues 1 x stand base 1 x black Sprue 1 x Instruction sheets 1 x Box art print Construction: The construction of the figure is very easy, and they assemble very well. You do need to do a little filling here and there during the assembly. The Base is a nice touch and has optional ground finishes to choose from. Painting was easy, although I did not use all the reference colors as shown on in the instructions. I did use all Tamiya paints on the figure. more...View the full article
  18. Reviewed by: Allan Murrell Company: Pen & Sword The book is interesting and often ignore subject as to the history of Airborne troops in World War II. It delves into great detail of the development, service, full history from the formation to the Airborne units and battles with text and a great many photographs. The books Chapters are: Conception Blitzkrieg Crete: The Turning Point The Allies German Operations after Crete Airborne Operations in the CBI and Pacific Theaters Russian Airborne Operations Paratroopers as Elite Ground Forces Cancelled Operations The book covers most of the Airborne operations and units for all sides on WWII. The photographs are great and cover a lot of areas and campaigns of the war. more...View the full article
  19. Reviewed by: James Kelley Company: Mortons Books When it appeared in the skies over Europe in 1941, the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A was the best fighter in the world. It was more than a match for the best Spitfires the RAF could field and began shooting them down in ever-increasing numbers. Only the introduction of the Spitfire IX with its two-stage supercharged Merlin overturned its supremacy. Alongside the Messerschmitt Bf 109, the Fw 190 is the iconic fighter of the Luftwaffe during the Second World War. more...View the full article
  20. Reviewed by: Chris Smith Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions Everything about the Avanti defies conventional logic in aircraft design. The main wing is set far back on the fuselage and a canard is mounted on the nose. The twin turboprop engines are mounted on the rear of the wings and drive the propellers in a pusher configuration. It's easy to recognize in the air long before you see it due to the distinctive sound of its engine/ propeller combination. Like everything else on this aircraft, the main landing gear is a complex group of parts that accommodate its retraction into the fuselage. more...View the full article
  21. Reviewed by: Chris Smith Company: Roden & Scale Aircraft Conversions This set from SAC is a drop-in replacement for the relatively new Airfix Sabre kit. You get two main gear legs and a nose gear strut with a separate retraction arm. Casting quality is excellent and these parts won't require any more effort than kit parts to install. Recommended for those who want added strength and ability to polish real metal for those shiny oleos. Thank you to SAC for the sample package and IPMS for sending them to me. more...View the full article
  22. Reviewed by: Chris Smith Company: Brengun The Extra 300L in this scale has a large canopy covering a tandem seat cockpit. If you want it closed, this is the only option you have a chance of doing that since the kits injected part doesn’t fit closed. Even if you elect to open it, when the inside and outside are painted, it creates a nice scale thickness canopy. The material used is about .55 mm thick so it's stiff enough to hold it shape. That also makes it easy to cut and sand to size. I’ve used a lot of vacuform canopies over the years and this is one of nicest I've worked with. Brengun also makes a masking set for this (item BRL48157). This is a good addition to the Brengun kit and I highly recommend it if you want the canopy closed. more...View the full article
  23. Reviewed by: Hub Plott Company: Key Publishing Ltd The Fairey Firefly was one of the most successful two-seat fighter/strike/attack aircraft used in WWII and beyond. While the type did have some teething problems at the beginning it proved its value across multiple theatres and two wars. The first action for the type was in Europe against the German battleship Tirpitz and then onto the Pacific against the Japanese, Later marks provided valuable service in the Korean War. The book is divided into eight chapters, the first dealing with the use of the Firefly in WWII. Though the production Mk. I was over 40MPH slower than Fairey had promised it did prove valuable in the reconnaissance and attack roles, more...View the full article
  24. Reviewed by: Chris Smith Company: Brengun This masking set is useful for either the kits injected canopy or the optional vacuform part (item #BRL48157). It consists of four sections that go on easily and fit as expected. A simple, cheap time saver. Thank you Brengun for this sample and IPMS for sending it to me. more...View the full article
  25. Reviewed by: Chris Smith Company: Brengun Designed by German aerobatic pilot Walter Extra in 1988, the Extra 300 started life as an unlimited aerobatic platform with a shoulder mounted wing that made landing interesting because the runway wasn’t visible during touch down. In 1995 the Extra 300L was introduced and has become the most numerous of the Extras manufactured to date. Learning lessons from previous versions the L (for low wing), mounted the wing lower on the fuselage to improve the view for both pilot and student. This is a purpose-built machine that is capable of exceeding the average pilot’s physical abilities. Designed to withstand the stress of 10 positive and 10 negative Gs and roll up to 400 degrees per second, the Extra is right at home in the worlds of unlimited aerobatics. more...View the full article
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