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  1. Excellent job, Mark! I especially like how you have spiced up what could have been a very dull green paint job.
  2. Looks great, Carlos. I have an Academy Merkava sitting here ready to be started. I've probably been a little shy to deal with the balls and chains. I've heard they can be difficult. Any tips there? I know the thing I like most about Academy kits is that there is no seam line on their road wheels. Just a little whisk with a sanding stick on the attachment points is all that is needed.
  3. I enjoyed the film a lot. But I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to sic-fi. My 15 year old son went with me and he liked it too. The audience was definitely split in it's reactions Listening to the reaction of most of the folks that panned the movie it really seems they were expecting another Alien flick along the lines of the others. This one was quite different. Enjoyable (for me), but different. While I liked the movie there is no question it is not even in the same ballpark when comparing to Alien and Aliens. One is one of the greatest horror films of all time and the othe
  4. In this order: Star Trek X-Files Outer Limits (Original) Tony
  5. Great choices. I pretty much like Michelle Pfieffer in anything. What are your thoughts on the Halle Berry Cat Woman? Anne Hathaway will be the new Cat Woman in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises. I don't know how I could have left Emma Peel off my list. Plus Diana Riggs is my favorite Bond Girl (On Her Majesty's Secret Service). Tony
  6. I realize this is an old thread but I am a recent visitor to these forums and loved this thread. This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I watch these things while modelling. I can't narrow it down to three films so I have to cheat. My top 3: A - Alien - I classify this as a Horror film that happens to be set in space. Hard to think of a more shocking scene in film than the alien "birth". Linda Blair with a crucifix? The Crying Game "revalation"? B - John Carpenter's The Thing - I don't feel this is a remake of the original Thing at all. Carpenter's Thing more closely fol
  7. I just recently started visiting these forums and really liked the favorite SF movie and TV show threads. Those were great threads and lots of fun to read through. I thought I would pose a similar SF/Fantasy related question that my family and I have a go at periodically. Who is the toughest and most dangerous lady (the character, not the actor) out there in the world of SF/Fantasy movies and TV (loosely interpreted)? Tell us why. Give us 3 if 1 is too tough. I'm throwing out a bunch of candidates that I can think of just to get the conversation going but bring in anybody else.
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