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  1. bit more polishing here how about a video update just wanted to fool around with the ipod lol
  2. started on the polishing my favorite part
  3. thanks, the whole guy is painted with dollar store acrylic craft paints
  4. thanks its tamiya kit and decals. the decals were a bit yellow but i stuck them in the window for a day and they turned out good engine painted, box stock other than making new springs. just added paint detail. even added grey gaskets under the valve covers and airbox thing. i just stuck it on for the pic its not gonna be blue lol.
  5. picked up this kit last weekend. so far I got a bit of paint done. Used the kit decals paint color is turquoise from model master there's some minor orange peel so once this is fully cured i'll give it a nice polishing
  6. Tamiya figure, "the white box" i recently discovered figures and this is the first guy I ever painted up. I left him box stock

    M48A3 Patton

    Tamiya kit, I'm not an armor guy but i build one once in a while for fun. no rivet counting lol just want it to look cool


    thanks guys, those are the kit decals, a little microsol and they went on real nice.
  9. revell kit, a bit of weathering maybe what it looked like in the time period. .
  10. i saved all the bits of rubber from sanding the tires. then sprayed the tires with clear and rolled them in the debris. then a coat of dull clear to seal it on .
  11. Revell 2003 chevy kit, JWTBM decals, a few added thingies but basically box stock other than changing the nose to a pontiac.


    Academy 1/72 scale, just a quick build I did a while back
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