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  1. finished this one. Revell kit and decals. just added a few hoses in the engine and some weathering.
  2. finished up this polar lights kit. mostly out of box, just added plug wires and a few things on the interior.

    Sherman M4A4

    thanks guys! I made some stowage on the back, i used Styrofoam and tinfoil. never thought of it! lol noob mistake, but I will remember for in the future

    Sherman M4A4

    hey guys, heres my latest tank. I dont build to much Armour stuff but I find it fun once in a while. this is cyber-hobby "orange box" kit. 1/35 scale, I make it out of box with only some homemade details. I have the painting all done, just have to make stowage for it. a little correction, someone pointed out I had the pick axe handle metal instead of wood! all fixed now. also added a bit more rust on the metal tools. made up a simple base
  5. finished up this Revell kit. really nice kit to build. painted with hunter green. the wood panels are made using oil paints. and all the weathering is done with oils.
  6. finished up this one. nice fun little kit. box stock build with some weathering.
  7. I just painted it brown. the model kit has "wood grain" molded in the plastic sorry some of the pics aren't working, to many views on other sites used all the bandwidth, they should come back up on the 30th
  8. body in primer added in a few smaller grey wires. just made form stretched sprue
  9. dash painted up, I just dry brushed the gauges since there not that visible when the dash is installed added "glass" to them with epoxy and also added lenses to the shades the same way
  10. small update. just made "glass lenses" for the headlights to replace the molded in chrome look
  11. I love this car. daisy duke kit, and will use the chassis from the MPC 1970 super bee. it drops right in likes its made for it! engine bay complete
  12. finished this up, Sterling Marlin's 1988 Oldsmobile, used excellent powerslide decals, and added some weathering. I put the antenna on the top corner of the rear window, I think that's where they were back in the day.
  13. pretty much done. I want to add exhaust tips but didn't have tubing the right size so I will add those on later. also I want to find better side mirrors than what the kit comes with
  14. body painted, forest green from dupli-color
  15. I had that stuff printed out so i just used it. I can also put a new year tag in the corner of the plate. I don't think there's a lot of wear on the motor paint, just a few paint chips on the valve covers, and some overall dirt. drive on country roads for a year and the motor will get nice and dirty lol. I like depicting redneck country boy type cars. as for belts since they normally ended up laying on the floor I don't bother putting any on. did people even wear them back in the 70's? lol
  16. interior painted up, i used dark green.
  17. just working on painting the goodyear logos on the tires. also finished the rear bumper
  18. picked this kit up cause it's a good price. I'm surprised how nice it is with some excellent details. engine bay glued together
  19. central office production order, the dealers ordered the car special with the 427 engine
  20. finished this one up. a great kit to stick together
  21. got this one finished. duplicolor paint, krylon clear. mainly box stock, I added steel wheels and drum brakes,PE grill, '57 chevy steering wheel, spark plug wires are yellow thread lol old school style
  22. there is roof flaps, the white from the #3 is making them disappear in the pics lol my light is like right next to the roof
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