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  1. this is the AMT snap together kit. I turned it into a Dale Earnhardt car.
  2. finished this one up. revell kit made into a junker
  3. revell GTO Judge junked up a bit added more junk in the interior and attached it to a base
  4. heres my shine runner. revell "black widow" 1957 chevy kit
  5. thanks dudes! for my panel lines, after i apply future while its was still gloss i use black acrylic just brush the whole plane and wipe it off. then after i have my flat coat on i went back with oil washes of brown shades. really thinned down and applied over and over until i like what i saw. exhaust stain is airbrushed then some pastel to finish it off. all other weathering is oils sealed under the flat coat.
  6. completed this one, Tamiya 1/48 kit my own paint scheme I like the desert colors!
  7. latest figure painting, this set looked like it could make a cool scene dudes are all box stock. i did have extra PE medals so i used them but otherwise from the box painting with oils. second guy assembled heres a closer up view


    hey no problem, main colors I used are, tamiya- XF-63, XF-23. XF-66 and XF-65


    thanks guys yes all the sprues said Eduard on them. though the kit doesn't include any of the P.E. from the Eduard kit.


    Accurate Miniatures 1/48 kit, built out of box other than the antenna wire. painted with tamiya paints, weathered with oils.

    Zero A6M2

    thanks dudes! for weathering the paint chips i paint the plane silver. then spray it with hairspray. then paint normally with tamiya paints. then you can just make the paint damp and use a toothpick to peel away the green top layer. you still will have to blend it like feather the edges in places for normal fading and streaks i use oil paints
  12. dragon kit pretty nice kit for being so tiny!. also my first time making a whitewash

    Zero A6M2

    after not finishing anything for a while its nice to complete something! lol oob build other than an antenna wire.
  14. finished up my first large scale figure, tamiya kit built box stock. almost threw it against the wall cause I wasn't happy with it but it turned out ok in the end uniform is done with oil, everything else was acrylic. hopefully I can do better on the next one!
  15. got some paint on the next guy
  16. Im not sure what it is its not actual wood its more like some kind of vine thing
  17. thanks guys! its real wood from my yard lol
  18. finished this one up today tamiya figures
  19. I got this set cause I wanted to try painting white and camo stuff.


    Warriors figures, acrylic paints.

    new fig -wip

    working on this guy today, tamiya Fig with a hornet head. still got some stuff to add on him
  22. tires, light weathering on the "Goodyears"
  23. thanks on this car i didn't even use primer since no filling was needed. the color is enamel from model master airbrushed on.( jar paint) the clear i used was krylon crystal clear just from the spray can.i sprayed enough coats on so the decals were "flush" then 2 extra then sand with 2000. until everything is dull. any shiny spots are low areas. then tamiya course polish and then meguires scratch x 2.0
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