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  1. A friend of mine want to have a train built for her brother that used to work for the railroads. Are there any web-sites or companys that make static trains to build? Anthony
  2. Okay folks, here's a question you thought you would never see on a modeling web-site. I only have a couple of hobbies, which include modeling and fishing. I have a large tackle box made by SKB, which is made of polyethylene (roto-molded) and I think I want to attempt to air-brush a yellowfin tuna on the box, (just for fun). My question to you is this....What cleaner/primer if any would be a good way to prep the box to accept paint? Should I use acrylics, enamels, or something else in my airbrush, (which is a basic Aztec). It's just an idea, it's not set in stone, and yes this box would see use on my Long Range trips out of San Diego, so it would be exposed to the elements. Thanks, Anthony
  3. I have a friend that loves Disney/Pixar's Toy Story Characters and she was wondering if there are any kits of either Woody or Buzz Lightyear out there somewhere? I haven't been able to find any, but maybe someone from this forum would know IF any actually exist. Thanks, Anthony
  4. Thanks for the advice Eric. Finally heard from someone with SCHRAM. Turns out it's a one of a kind.
  5. I finally heard from someone that was able to answer my inquiry. Turns out the piece was custom made, one of a kind. So no chance of finding one to build.
  6. I posted this in the Figure forum but not even a peep, so I'll try here just in case. In Figure International Magazine # 31, 3rd Quarter for 2009, page 9 lower right corner is a piece intitled, "Pirate's Treasure" done by David Whitford. It was displayed at the SCHSMS Show 2009. It's a scene taken from Disneylands, Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction. It's the old scene of a large, heavy set pirate sitting on a barrwl and he's looking for a wench, who is hiding in the barrel next to him. I hope some of you get this magazine so that you can see what I'm talking about. I have tried to find out the name of the company that produced this, but have been unsucessful. Please, can someone help me out? I would love to make this piece. Thanks, Anthony
  7. I just received a back issue of the North American Edition of Figure International, ISSUE #31, 3rd Quarter for 2009. On page 9, far lower right corner was an entry entitled "Pirate's Treasure" by David Whitford. I'm wondering if anyone know's the name of the manufacturer, I have been unsucessful. I'm hoping that some of you subscribe to this publication and will be able to see what I'm talking about. It's actually a piece that is modeled from a scene in Disneyland's Pirate's of the Caribbean attraction. It's a rather large pirate sitting on a barrel, looking for a wench. The wench is hiding in a barrel next to the pirate. I work for Disney and want to build this piece. I'm sorry this is so long winded. Thank you for any help that you can provide. Anthony
  8. Thanks for the info Moose135, that must be the problem. So it's not something I'm doing or not doing. Just have to view those pages from home. Thanks again, Anthony
  9. Thanks for the tip(s). Below is a sample, just taken from a web-site, but it's close to the color of my friends hair color. So any ideas would be helpful. The project I'm working on is entitled "Where's the Fire?" by Andrea's Miniatures. If you look at the link, their example is pretty close to my friends haircolor. http://www.paderos.com/Round-Figures/Andre...fire::6668.html Thanks again, Anthony
  10. I can't view these pictures http://www.ipmsusa2.org/Forum/index.php?showtopic=3066 http://www.ipmsusa2.org/Forum/index.php?sh...amp;#entry28960 http://www.ipmsusa2.org/Forum/index.php?showtopic=2601 But I can view these. http://www.ipmsusa2.org/Forum/index.php?sh...amp;#entry28921 http ://www.ipmsusa2.org/Forum/index.php?sh...mp;#entry28924
  11. I'm working on a project for a friend and she wants the girl that I'm painting to have red hair like hers. So, I'm just wondering for those of you that have done figures with red hair, what have you done to get the color just right or at least close? Thanks, Anthony
  12. When viewing forums that have photos, I am able to view some photos but not others. The photos that do not show up are represented by a white box with a red "x" in the middle of the box. If I "right-click" the mouse and then click on the "show image" I get nothing. Weird. This is from my work computer. My home computer displays the images just fine. Any ideas? Thanks, Anthony
  13. Thanks, I didn't even think about paint filters. I sometimes feel so out of the modeling loop, after seeing what all of the good/great modelers use for their projects. Thanks for sharing. Anthony
  14. Which really brings a good point to mind. "If I'm using any volume of paint (more than a 1/4 OZ) I pass it through a filter after thinning before it goes in the paint cup." Just because that buger sized glob us paint is broken up by what ever stiring method you use what prevents those smaller pin sizes globs from spitting out the end of your airbrush? What do you use as a filtering medium?
  15. toothpicks, the rounded pointed end really gets into the rounded and square sides of whatever bottle I use.
  16. Those are some beautiful pieces of art. I think the falcon is my favorite. Thanks for sharing. Anthony
  17. Very nice! I'm finishing up an X-wing myself. Trying something different, will post a couple of photo's once completed. Anthony
  18. When I built it, it was an exact representaion of this photo. Makes me made that I didn't at least save the box that it came in, then I would know where it came from. Thanks for trying guys, it's just frustrating no remembering. Anthony
  19. No, that's not it. Rats!!! The piece is made of resin, I believe it is in 1/35th. But I just can't remember what company made it....It's a small vinette, 3 fireman, small base with debris all over the bottom, a pole and a flag. When built, it looks just like the pose from the photograph of the firemen raising the flag at ground zero.. But thanks anway.
  20. HELP!!! Years ago, I found and built a resin model of the 3 firemen raising the Flag over the ruins after Sept. 9-11. I built this for a fireman friend of mine and now I want to do another one, but I can't recall the manufacter of the piece or where I even ordered it. All of the searches I've tried have been unsucessful. It's probably not available anyway, but not being able to find it is just frustrating. ARG!!!!!! Someone out there must have the 411. Thanks. Anthony aka darthfoster
  21. Not sure if you're the one to advise of this. But went to check out the hobby shop in Westminster called Accu-Scale the other day and sadly, the store location is now a nail salon. At least it was just down the street from the Art warehouse, so it was not a total waste of gas... Just thought you should know - I think. Anthony
  22. Okay here we go....I am now 47 and I have been building models since I was about 8, maybe a little older. I remember building my first battleship, I think it was Big Mo, and I used all of the red paint in the testors bottle just to cover the hull. Twisted the parts off the sprues, then "borrowed" my mothers emery boards to file down the rough/torn edges. One tube of glue per model sounds about right, doesn't it? I was even in the Testors modeling club for a while, anyone remember that club. You would get little magazines about how to make your models better. In Junior High I had a history teacher that was on the U.S.S. Vestal, that was tied up next to the U.S.S. Arizona on December 7, 1941. Great and scary stories, so I had to build the Arizona. Eventually, other things took over in my life including a stint in the Army (Infantry/Scout/Recon) and took a "VERY" long break, only to return about ten years ago. I really like the Armor from WW2 as well as trying my hand at some diorama's. I like Star Wars, currently working on an X-Wing in all black. I aslo was asked to build a Ferrari for a friend of mine, that was a task and a half. Not a big car guy. I have roughly 20+ models waiting to be built, with my time very limited, it takes me forever to finish just one and I always seem to buy more than I finish. What an addiction this hobby is. Only my fishing is more expensive. I have babbled long enough, so greeting to all. Anthony aka: Darth Foster
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