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  1. Kind of going out on a limb, here, as I've tried in several forums and come up with nothing. But here goes... I'm interested in building the Dragon Wagon hauling a LCM-3, as when they were heading towards (I believe) the Rhine crossing. But I've found next to zero photos of this arrangement, and have no idea how the LCM-3 was tied down to the trailer. I've found a couple of photos in the Dragon Wagon book by Ampersand Publishing, but none of the photos give any hint as to how this was secured to the trailer. Any pointers greatly appreciated! Randy
  2. Steve, welcome to the IPMS/USA board! I don't recognize your name, but I will qualify that by saying I'm crap at remembering names. So if you've been to the local clubs and we've met, forgive me. But if you haven't been to the local IPMS meetings, have a look at the Fremont Hornets (http://fremonthornets.org/). Our next meeting is this Friday, and it's our annual holiday meeting where we just sit around eating pizza and being sociable. Randy
  3. What color did you use for the cockpit interior? Was it out of a bottle, or did you have to custom-mix it? Randy
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