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  1. This is the Monogram 1/48 1st Lunar Landing from the 10th anniversary release. Revell has repopped this kit for the 40th.... It was a fun build I threw together for the local model contest, the theme was a Moment in time an I thought this appropriate.... Enjoy!
  2. rossjr

    Fury WIP

    She looks great! So what's wrong with the windscreen that your have to replace it? Get damaged, wrong shape, too thick????
  3. Sorry Ed, it's just when you get to my age you have fight to keep what memeories you have..... That and I worked at the hobby store when they came out.... I did a window display with black lights (the store was in a shopping mall) and they really helped to move the kits, we couldn't keep them in stock.... Between it and 1/4" dowels with pink flourscent spray paint for lasers.... Ah the memories.....
  4. This is not a good example as the models were actually out before the show was on TV. You might recall that they released the pilot as a movie in "Sensuround" the summer before the series was released. The models were out in that gap. Also many of the Cylon raiders used to film episodes were built from the production kits not the usual filming minatures. Another example like this was Buck Rogers, same release movie the summer before the series started but I don't know that they used any models for filming...
  5. I suspect they want to see how successful the series was going to be. They made the announcement at Wonderfest this year, and based on everything else on their plate, I would be surprised to see anything from them on this until about this time next year.
  6. She's a great looking bird and you did her justice!!! Build what you like, like what you build!
  7. I just joined the forum so sorry if I missed getting this to you soon enough. We have a number of fine stores in the area a lot depends on what you are looking for and what area you are in. There are three stores I will recommend for plastic models. The first two are the same store with different locations - Hub Hobby, the have a store in Richfield (Penn Ave & 64th Avenue) and Little Canada (Rice Street and Minnesota Avenue). They have a website with more detailed directions. Both locations are well stocked with kits and supplies and have knowledgeable staffs. The other location is called Scale Model Supplies (nicknamed "The Dungeon" because it's in a basement) in St. Paul on Lexington and University Avenues. The have a huge selection as well but they also have a number of consignment kits of OOP models as well. Any of the three are worth the drive. Hope you enjoyed your stay!
  8. My name is John Ross and I am a modelaholic.... Aloha!!! Finally joined IPMS after building models for some 40 years. I am the second of what I hope is atleast four generations of model builders. My father still models, my son models and I am hoping my grandson will pick up the torch. I build just about everything but focus mainly on aircraft and science fiction, much to my father's disapproval.... He just doesn't understand modeling something that doesn't really exist... I am pretty active on the boards but primarily on SciFi boards and I am interested in seeing what's available here.
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