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Enterprise C Re-release from R2

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For anyone interested, R2's relelease of the old Enterprise C in 1/1400 scale is now readily available. The kit includes parts that were included in the Pro Shop version of the kit. Since this rerelease is not molded in brittle clear plastic, the conversion is much simpler in terms of the cutting and filing that's necessary.


The highlight is, of course, the decals (the sheet measures 8.5" x 12") - the sheet includes a number of new decals for both the E-C and the Yamaguchi as well as battle damage decals if you want to do the E-C as it (sort of) appeared in the "Yesterday's Enterprise" episode. These decals are a bit overdone in terms of the number of them included.


I really wish they had corrected the bussard collectors for this kit to match those that were used on the studio model, but oh well....


I got 3 of these kits as they are great for kitbashes and conversions.


I've attached an image to this post...



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