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Contributing images of your event to IPMS/USA

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Sending images taken during your event is an excellent way to advertise for your next event, thank the vendors who attended your event, and to share images with a large audience of modelers.


Who do I contact?

Contact Mike Lindsey at mflindsey@msn.com.

How will I transfer the images to Mike?

Mike will ask you to install Filezilla, a free FTP application on your machine. Filezilla will allow you to transfer any number of images, regardless of size, directly to a secured area on the IPMS server.

Filezilla can be downloaded and installed on your computer in under five minutes. Did I mention its free?

Do I need a password to upload my club's images?

Yes. Mike will provide you with the bits of info (only four items) that you will need in order to log into the server and to upload. Mike will send a single page Word doc that has text and images that explains the process. It's easy!

Do I need to send a CD?

No. Just upload the images and then email Mike informing him that you've completed the upload process. Mike will wave his magic wand and create an album within the New Gallery area that displays your images.

It is easy, quick, and free!


Some things to consider:

1. If you wish to use any particular file name for your images you will need to take care of that before you upload the images. Consider using the category name (and place- 1st,2nd,3rd for the winners) We wish to view more than just the winners though!

2. Rotate all images to the proper viewing orientation before you upload them.

3. Shoot images of your vendors and be sure to get their signage in the shot. It's an easy way to provide the viewer with a url or a phone number for the vendor.

4. Be sure to shoot pics of the facility, volunteers, and people.


Your club makes a contribtution to the reputation of IPMS/USA when you share your images on the national website, and IPMS/USA is happy to provide this service to your chapter.





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I'll be contacting Mike 1st chance I get Dick. I've got a couple questions for him 1st. (we already have our show pictures loaded on a secure site....I'm wondering if there is a way to link them from that to the site...save having to load em twice :) )

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