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Contest Approval Procedures

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Hi my friends,


Lately, there has been some confusion on how to properly get your contest approved. So here they are and they are very simple.


Once your Club has determined they want to hold a contest. Before you sign any paperwork or do any advertising, you must contact your RC and give him the information. He will look at what might be planned in his Region that is not approved yet (right now, 09Sep10, I have 5 contests awaiting RC approval). He should also contact his neighbouring RCs to see if they have anything, he will also look on the "upcoming events" page on the web site to see if anything was missed. The RC will then let the DLC, and you, that the contest is approved. You will then go to the upcoming events page anbd fill out the Event Data Form (EDF), it is located towards the top of the page, just hit the "Direcor of Local Chapters" (in blue). That will take you to the EDF, fill that out and hit submit. The DLC gets the page, I then double check with the RC that has been indeed approved. Once I hear from your RC, I then post it on the web site and contact you.


Please use the EDF that is on the web site as it is the most current, there used to be a paper EDF a couple of years ago, but that is obsolete.


We all know that it takes a few months planning and preperation to do a contest, so the earlier the EDF is filled out, the better. It takes MJ about 1 month to get insurance. She is a merical worker, but give her the time to get you the insurance. Also, if you want your event listed in The Journal, you need to submit the EDF early as they have strict deadline for submissions, so if you miss one deadline, it'll be two months before the next issue is out.


While I was RC-12, my thinking was whoever gets their event in first gets the date. That is also my way of thinking as DLC.





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