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Esslingen Ordnance Rebuild Facility


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Any of ya'll interested in a bit of history relating to the Willy's MB Jeep might be interested in the following websites:  www.g503.com & their forums https://forums.g503.com/index.php.  You'll have to register to browse the forums but, it's free.  A friend in Lake Havasu City, AZ owns a restored Willy's MB.  I've had the opportunity to shoot a lot of pictures of it & plan to build the Tamiya kit marked as his vehicle.  Should be a fairly quick build.  He sent me a history of his vehicle & a copy of the Esslingen facility report (it's mostly photos) when the 10,000th Willy's was rolled out.  I can email a copy of the Esslingen report if anybody would like it. 

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