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ModelFiesta 39 San Antonio, Tx Feb 15, 2020

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Just a reminder that ModelFiesta 39 is approaching (Feb 15th) and that we are, once again, offering the opportunity for those entering the contest to pre-register their model entries.
Go to the website (http://www.alamosquadron.com/) and click on ModelFiesta, then go to the information regarding registration forms and paperwork.
You only need to submit two forms (although that might be more that just two pieces of paper.)
1. List all of your entries on the Model Registration Summary Form.
2. List each individual entry on its own Individual Model Entry Form. (for ex...if you enter 10 models you will need to submit 10 Ind. Model Entry Forms and only one Summary Form)
Payment will be collected when you arrive and report to the Pre-Registration Station. And remember, those who Pre-Register will receive a 10% discount on their total registration fee.
Send your forms to mfregistrar@gmail.com (that would be me) via email. Once the forms are received and processed you'll receive an email with some additional information that will shorten your time waiting in line.
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