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LF: 1/72 individual Falcon canopies + other 1/72 bits

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Not being a fan of buying the entire canopy set an then use just one or two canopies from it,
I was wondering, if someone would have these Falcon canopies listed below as spare, and would be interested in selling them:

  • Defiant canopy    from set No.2
  • Ar 234B canopy    from set No.6
  • Barracuda canopy    from set No.9
  • A-20C canopy    from set No.10
  • SB2C canopy    from set No.11
  • D3A1 canopy    from set No.18
  • Ar 196 canopy    from set No.21
  • Fw 189 canopy    from set No.21
  • Wellesley canopy    from set No.22
  • LeO 45 & 451 from set No.26
  • Bréguet 693 from set No.26
  • C-46 canopy    from set No.27
  • Maryland canopy    from set No.30
  • T-6A/D canopy    from set No.30

 Also looking for these various parts:

  1. Hurricane Mk.I Early 1/72 vac canopy from Sword kit (if someone has decided to use a plastic replacement, or wants to trade with me for new tool Airfix one) 
  2. Engine front hub from Sword's 1/72nd Re.2002 (i can even copy the part and return the original to You)  
  3. F-4U Birdcage Corsair decals for "Tojo eats sh*t" machine from Barracudacals #72010 or  #72152
  4. P-47N decals for "Red-E-Ruth" machine from Kits-World #172083 (even only nose-art)
  5. Ju87B-2: just the emblem and letters for 8./STG2 machine from Xtradecal #X72249 set
  6. Ju88A-4: just the emblem and letters for any of the first two options (or even better, both of them - KG51 and/or KG30) from EagleCals #153 set
  7. Mig-3: "Za rodinu" (Print Scale set #72-283)
  8. Ki-46 III DinahEduard photo-etch set (Cat.# 72358)
  9. Bf109G-6: Only these two emblems from the new Tamiya kit #60790 



Payment in advance via Paypal

Thanks for looking!

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