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  1. Hello Robert, You don't need a specific program, just an appropriate font. Just download, and put the downloaded font files to (C:)/WIndows/Fonts folder on Your computer. They will be automatically installed to use in any program installed on that computer. There's a nice selection of military-style fonts here: http://www.bobsyouruncle.net/font-types.htm If none of those are right, You can try searching here: https://www.dafont.com/ Regards, Aleksandar
  2. Some bits fond on other forums, and list updated. Thanks for looking!
  3. Hello, Not being a fan of buying the entire canopy set an then use just one or two canopies from it, I was wondering, if someone would have these Falcon canopies listed below as spare, and would be interested in selling them: Defiant canopy from set No.2 Ar 234B canopy from set No.6 A-20C canopy from set No.10 SB2C canopy from set No.11 D3A1 canopy from set No.18 Barracuda canopy from set No.9 Ar 196 canopy from set No.21 Fw 189 canopy from set No.21 Wellesley canopy from set No.22 LeO 45 & 451 from set No.26 Bréguet 693 from set No.26 C-46 canopy from set No.27 Maryland canopy from set No.30  Also looking for these various parts: Hurricane Mk.I Early 1/72 vac canopy from Sword kit (if someone has decided to use a plastic replacement, or wants to trade with me for new tool Airfix one) Engine front hub from Sword's 1/72nd Re.2002 (i can even copy the part and return the original to You) P-47N decals for "Red-E-Ruth" machine from Kits-World #172083 (even only nose-art) Ju87B-2: just the emblem and letters for 8./STG2 machine from Xtradecal #X72249 set Ju88A-4: just the emblem and letters for any of the first two options (or even better, both of them - KG51 and/or KG30) from EagleCals #153 set Mig-3: "Za rodinu" (Print Scale set #72-283) Payment in advance via Paypal Thanks for looking!
  4. You could try to compare them visually with the new Foxbot set: More info HERE and HERE Regards, Aleksandar
  5. I will quote a post by Dana Bell from Britmodeller forum about this early configuration: "Those 1939/40 designs were the first to carry internally mounted 50-calibre wing guns, and no one was quite sure how to minimize the drag along the wings' leading edges. They all had blast tubes extending from the barrels, but until the NACA reports came in there were many variations. Clearly, flush-with-the-leading-edge was not the best, since the blast tubes were quickly extended in production." I believe this was also one of the many "anti-freeze" measures, but employed at the Aleutian bases exclusively. Sooo, I guess that my model probably should have guns taped-over, and only dilemma is the exact color of this tape. Sure wasn't white, as in my previous post, as that would stick out in the photos. Regards, Aleksandar
  6. Thank You for the suggestion, Gil. However, I think the taped-over guns flush with wing l.e. cannot be discarded altogether, as this was indeed how the early P-40D/Es were delivered to the front: source: The Hawk's Nest source: Replica In Scale This drawing also suggests that the guns (and shell ejector chutes) were covered with tape: source: Wings Palette Regards, Aleksandar
  7. Hello, I've been musing myself with building an Aleutian P-40E... Looking at various photos of early 343FG/11FS aircraft, namely aircraft No.49, and asking this question on P-40 Warhawk and Britmodeller forum, I was given information that early P-40Es had gun barrels flush with wing leading edge, which were then taped-over to reduce drag. But how come the photos below show nothing (no tape, no holes, no nothing)? Were the photos maybe re-touched by a wartime censor? https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/P-40/343FG/images/Curtiss-P-40E-Warhawk-343FG11FS-Y49-Aleutian-Islands-1942-02.jpg https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/P-40/343FG/images/Curtiss-P-40E-Warhawk-343FG11FS-Aleutian-Islands-1942-02.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/8b/4e/3e/8b4e3eff19b82dc9948d665c437bbed2.jpg Any help or advice on the appearance of these gun-ports is most welcome. Regards, Aleksandar
  8. The name's Aleksandar (Alex), And I'm a member of IPMS Serbia. My interest is WWII aviation in 72nd scale, Looking forward to tips and discussions. Cheers!
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