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Matilda with ZiS-5-76

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My newest project is the Matilda armed with the ZiS-5-76mm gun.



There is a resin conversion kit but looking at the images, it isn't very accurate. I used the photos from Warspot and created the parts in 3D CAD. I used the newer Tamiya Red Army Matilda kit and spare parts from a trumpeter KV-1 to estimate the dimensions. Then I had to guess on some of the details like plate orientation and how it was mounted to the Matilda turret. I may not be as accurate as I want but there are very few reference photos. The parts were designed in SolidWorks and are being printed by Shapeways. I have sent the parts out to be printed and will know in about a week how close I am.

Assembled exploded view

Assembled View

Layout for 3D Print

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