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AER GAZ 67 in 1/35

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This is a GAZ 67 field car, a Soviet copy of the US Army Jeep from WW2. It is made by AER, a company from Moldova. The kit is from the late 1990s and is fairly poor, about on par with an ancient 1960s Lindberg car kit. This kit has been reboxed by quite a few Eastern European companies like Eastern Express and Maquette.


The nicest thing about the AER kit is the decals. They are well done and there are quite a few options. Unfortunately, there are no marking placement guides beyond the box art.


Decent amount of parts, and it was quite tricky to align the body panels. There was a huge AER logo molded in the bed of the truck that I had to shave away.


It doesn't look too bad when the body is built.


There is plenty of detail on the underside, but what is there is very simple and looks like it was made with just styrene rod and blocks. Not very refined at all.


There are supposed to be three clear parts, but my kit must have been missing them. One is the windshield and the other two are the headlights. I cut a replacement winshield out of a thin piece of clear plastic. I will have to resource replacement headlights from the spare parts box.

The instructions are extremely simple, but were very helpful in cobbling together this little kit. Just a half page with the diagrams shown, no marking or painting guides. I want to do that shiny green paint job that looks like they bought the paint from Rustoleum. I just need to determine which decals go with that paint scheme.


With some paint


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