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Looking for parts - Hasegawa Fw 190 trop filters 1/48

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Hey Gang,

Dusted off my work area and am about done with two (very late) review kits. Looking for a project to work on next. I found a few images online of tropical Fw190's which have gotten my wheels turning on one of those.

I see that Hasegawa made two kits with resin trop filters in 1/48:

09818 A-4 "Graf"
09976 A-5 "Graf Special"

I believe these resin parts are the same in both kits, so I was wondering if anyone has built either of these and didn't use the filter parts.

*I know these full kits are available on eBay and I also know that there is a Quickboost cowl with the trop filters for the older Eduard kit. I have a few Hasegawa kits I would like to build rather than buy something new.

I also know Eduard is reissuing their 190 line, so I am sure they will be coming out with one soon.

Thanks for your time.

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