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Game of Thrones

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Two recent items I completed from the HBO series Game of Thrones. The first is the70mm kit “Snow Knight” from the short l9ived Toisson Studio. It is obviously Jon Snow and his direwolf, Ghost The wolf and cape are resin and the rest is white metal. I was initially going to paint him in shades of brown, but in reading the books, he joined the Night’s Watch, who only wear black, very early on so it was back to the drawing board, more precisely, the paint tray. In any case, they are painted in acrylics, primarily Vallejo. The snow is a product from an source lost to the ages, just a small zip lock bag in my scenery drawers applied with AK Interactive Pigment Sealer. Thanks to Dan Capuano for that method. The base is from Birch Tree Enterprises, aka, John Jeffries. I had him make it for me for a different figure but that wasn’t going to work. I played with the idea of the rough side to the front with the figures facing down the slope then decided to take a different route, allowing for the title. “Winter is Coming,” which is the motto of Jon Snow’s father’s house Stark. For those unfamiliar with the story, the character is an illegitimate son and cannot carry his father’s name and is given the surname Snow.













Next is a bust of Tyrion Lannister, aka The Imp, from Castle Miniatures. The kit is finely cast in three pieces of resin: cloak, shoulder armor and everything else. He is painted in acrylics except for the black on the shadow cat cloak which is Model master enamel and the dark metal of the armor which is Buffing Gun Metal from the Model Master Metalizer line applied with an airbrush and buffed out with Q-Tips. His hair is painted in light blond as described in the books and his eyes are mismatched green and very dark brown, described as black in the books. Again, the base is from Birch Tree Enterprises. I found the Lannister banner on line.










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