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  1. Dick, You might consider picking up David Fisher's Model Mania video. It's full of great figure techniques. A good buy for those interested in figure modeling. You might also visit a few of the figure kit communities for suggestions and ideas, if you haven't already done so. http://modelmaniadvd.com/modelmaniavolumefour.html Just a suggestion Rogue
  2. As long as they are chalk pastels. Not just color pencils. Rogue
  3. Myself, I use Prismacolor pastels. There is also a line call I believe Alphacolor. I could be wrong about the name. There a many manufacturers out there. Check out Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Good luck Rogue
  4. Dick, Use a dark to medium grey for the 5 o'clock shadow. Black would be too dark. Dab a little around the jaw line, a little darker around the chin. Seal when satisfied with dulcote. Experiment like you said on your practice figure before trying it out on Conan. Good luck Rogue
  5. Looking Good Dick. You might consider using chalk pastels for subtle form of shadowing. It's also great for adding a soft 5 o'clock shadow on the big guys chin. Just a suggestion. Rogue
  6. Great idea Mark. Lots of quality work can be put in the base as well as a figure. Presentation counts. That being said so many figures come without bases that I would hate to see a finely done figure disregarded for not being on a base or on a basic wood base. It's good that the "Figure with Base" is a separate category. It allows for models to be judged on a level plain. If I remember correctly figures at Wonderfest are judged solely on the figure regardless of the base. Unless it's the diorama category. I could be wrong. Maybe they should consider adding your new category? Great work
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