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  1. Thanks Jay for the information. Looking at your photo album I saw your Ferrari 330. Great model!
  2. You the man! I love your pod. Arthur C. and Stanley K. would smile. Bravo!
  3. Hi Guys, I'm all excited after returning home from the 'Nationals' in Columbus. I'm juiced for some building. I've heard word that some guys heat up (aneal - I don't know how to spell it) their PE sets as a matter of course. I'm wondering what that does to the metal that makes it better? Do you heat it over the flame on your stove? Do you do this both to stainless steel and brass PE? Do you plunge it into cold water or let it cool slowly? Is it best to heat the PE while still in one fret, or do you do the heating when the part is ready for super glue? If anyone knows the t
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