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  1. Here's a "little something from my good buddy Chuck Holte. I did the decals for him
  2. Check out the quote from Ken (I'm better than anyone) Liotta

    under IPMS subjects - RC-10 replacement

  3. Right on the money Mark! All the pieces of the orchestra should be in tune. Including the brass section. This is a "hobby", right?
  4. Thanks Ron & Mark, I did indeed have several complaints about this subject - stemming from the last RECON 10. Since I didn't have any idea of what the definition of "Open Top AFV" was, I thought I'd ask. When I took a look at the definitions on the IPMS/USA and the RECON 10 website I found very little to clarify the category parameters As a courtesy I'll ask the interested parties to access this thread. And my "buddies" too I guess?
  5. If you where judging the Armor category "Open-Top AFV's" , would be correct to place, say, a Sherman with it's hatch open in this category? What would you consider the definition of the "Open-Top AFV"?
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