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  1. Again, thank you! For the first time in my life I actually have a stash, but it is void of a tank. What's a good tank kit that you would suggest? It will be a while, I am finishing an F-14B for a friend and it a slow process. I do want to do another diorama with a tank, maybe a winter scene? Thanks again,
  2. Thank you Mark, I appreciate the props. He really enjoyed it and I think I will build another one day for myself. I didn't think I would like tanks and the like as much as I did, great build. Of course, I look now and see where I could improve, isn't that how it always is. lol Thanks again, Gary
  3. Thank you Chris, I appreciate that. this is a good time to share a learned lesson. I used a Vallejo white acrylic and then forgot to clear it, I normally do. I really thought I was going to have a mess, until I took a breath and dipped the Q-tip into water and went to work. I found I was able to manipulate, for things like wheel bays anyway, the flow even better and leave more here and less there, I still need to use the brown, but I will wait until it is completed and then add grime. I do that because I tend to add too much at this stage and can't see the "Whole" picture. Know your limit
  4. Outstanding job, love the diorama and detail there as well. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks Nicholas, I do have future and will be using it for sure here. My plan was, looking at the attached photo for color guide, starting with a white primer (Good tip thank you), then yellow and brown stripes, then using thin tape over the yellow and brown and slowly build up the gray off the AIM-54. In my twisted mind it seems to work LOL. The The decals set for 162916 are pretty cool, still need to match the blue/black to the decals but I will take my time there and let any paint I try (On extra plastic) dry completely over primer to get an exact match. Thanks,
  6. Thanks Nicholas, It seems with this build, I will skip around for the sake of time. When I get to the point of letting something dry or set, I think I will go ahead and start on the AIM-54's. I have the decal set for this bird but it only has the yellow/blue stripes and I need the brown for this active buffalo load-out. That way I can get them together and filled and start the tedious job of painting them. Do you think it will be easier for me to paint the brown and yellow and then use thin tape to cover those colors while I spray the remaining gray and white? Do you, or anyone else for
  7. Hi all, A good friend of mine, Mr. Tomcat, loves the VF-32 #162916, as it sat after her last cruse, loaded with 6 missiles (AIM-54C) so I decided to build it for him. I am just starting this one and it has a long way to go, no sanding or filling yet and the HUD section is just there for pics. All tips and hints are welcome, I plan to update pics of progress weekly, I can work on projects on the weekend at this time. Thanks
  8. Hi all, I built this about a year back, it was for a friend that served our country and operated one of these. It was originally going to be a clean desert scheme but, I wanted to make it special for him, Hope you like. It was my first real attempt at a diorama. Any feedback is always welcome. Thanks,
  9. Hello all from Fort Worth, TX, I have been back into scale modeling for a few years now and have realized, there is no 12 step program that will cure this blessed illness. Looking forward to getting to know y'all and learning new things in this wonderful hobby of ours. I started building in the '70's as a kid and I wish I still had my dauntless, from when I was 9, I painted orange bombs and "Tinted" the cockpit. LOL Oh the fun... Good to be here, back in the saddle again... Thanks,
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