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  1. Hey David. Have you located your VMA214 Black Sheet Furball decals? I might have them. I'll be home in a few days and I'll check my stash. Stay tuned.
  2. Thanks Gil. Delicate is an understatement. I broke off so many parts due to handling. Thanks Rick. Always love historical immersion with my builds. It is the way. Thanks Bill. Assumption wx conditions played a role in fly or no fly. Thanks James. PM me, let's talk yinzer! Thanks Mark. It's a unique a/c indeed.
  3. Thanks David. Comfort is a must or I'll disappear? 🙂 Thanks Mar.
  4. Fly Fa330 #32009 The Fa330 Bachsteize (Wagtail) always interested me as a unique aircraft with an equally unique mission. This was towed aloft to about 400ft (120m) by the U-Boat so the pilot could see beyond the horizon view (25 nautical miles) and report any enemy activity. Stored in 2 water tight compartments by the conning tower a team of 3 can assemble and disassemble the Fa330 in about 20 minutes. U-boat commanders disliked the Fa330 as the prolonged time on surface make their boat venerable to an air strike or detection by enemy ships. The Fa330 was abandoned in the North Atlantic due to allied air superiority but continued use in the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean. The only recorded successful use of the Fa330 was 5 August 1943 by U-177 on the Indian Ocean off the coast east of Madagascar. Greek merchant ship Efthalia Mari was observed by U-177's Fa330. U-177 proceeded to intercept the Efthalia Mari and sink her with 2 torpedoes. Efthalia Mari lost 1 crew of 43. U-177 did not survive the war and was sunk 6 February 1944 in Atlantic west of Ascension Island by an American P4BY-1 Liberator. U-177 lost 50 crew of 65. Fly's 1:32 offering is a challenging build at best there was plenty of angst and head scratching moments. Almost 50 scratch built parts. This build also gave me an opportunity to practice rigging as a WNW bird will be landing on my bench soon.
  5. I'm from the metro Washington DC area. Raised in Gettysburg, PA. BS from La Roche University (Pittsburgh, PA) and MBA VA Tech. Been stay at home Dad since 2011. Personal goals are to make my wife laugh (she shakes her head and rolls eyes often) and be the best Dad ever to my kids. Coaching my sons ice hockey team (think a bunch of 12 year-olds who skate circles around me) and mastering the backward cross-over is a challenge. A few knee surgeries has put my fitness level to task, working hard for that upward trend. I really enjoy a good maduro and single malt from time to time. Like many of you I've returned to modeling after a long time off in 2012. I'm a continuous work in progress with a primary interest is WWII aviation albeit I do stray from this genre from time to time. My FB link BezoulaBuilds. Look forward to interact with this forum and be a sponge to learn new stuff. I hope I can make significant contributions as well.
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