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  1. Jim, I have waited to respond until I had a free few minutes, as you are obviously mad and I wanted to try an understand why. First this is a friendly conversation and no need to get ugly. Second you need to read what I wrote, not what you think I wrote. If you don't like it address it, but be better than accusing me of writing something I did not about character. What does concern me is a 6 figure contact being signed with no legal consultation, and the fact that no contract insurance was purchased. I would be willing to bet though, that if the committee did sat down for a meaningful discussion with the facility, that a deal could be worked out for rescheduling the event until 2023 with minimal if any additional costs, given the current world environment. Cancelling the event completely, or going forward with a very small event that looses money are not in either parties best interests. I guess I would feel better if NATS Committee had a conversation to explore possible rescheduling until 2023 vs acting like we have no way out. So far all we have been told is that the convention center has been receptive to re-negotiation if there is a problem. I say that such a problem is here right now. You all be safe< Gary
  2. Hi Guys, I am not a Doctor but I trust them with my life every time I have surgery to put my broken body back together, 28 to be exact . I had three more procedures scheduled for this year, two carpel tunnel and a new left shoulder. All of the doctors involved in these procedures, several who are personal friends, have told me to not plan on having any of these done until there is a vaccination or other medical development to affectively deal with the virus presents itself. And of course as friends they tell me to suck it up and deal with it!! LOL Be Safe, Gary
  3. Hi, A few points and I will be quick. My comments are as a Modeler, IPMS Member, and a Vendor. Postpone the convention until 2023. Getting the already bought items like shirts, awards, etc for this years convention in 2023 would be a unique way to remember this time. So, all of it can be used and we all will have a great story to tell. Who here wants to take responsibility for someone healthy coming to the convention, getting the bug and either having the virus themselves or worse spreading it when they get home. Sure, some of you want to play fast and loose with it but until there is a therapy and/or a vaccine, it is a medical risk for everyone. In reality, while we all love to come to the NATS for the various reasons, it is not required to attend...it is for enjoyment. Yes there are many risky enjoyments that Many of us participate in. None of us will go flying without a preflight and none of us would go skydiving without checking the gear. If someone, with expertise told you there may be a hidden problem somewhere with the Plane or the chute rig, would you chance it?? No, no sane individual would. My wife and I are not in any of the risk categories for COVID-19, but our Doctors, including our Daughter who is a US Navy Doctor, say unnecessary exposure to others is to be avoided....period. To do otherwise is to take unnecessary risk.......and its is with your life people! Gary,GT Resin
  4. Hi, you seem to be quite the expert here but I have no record of you ever being a customer. With all respect, I am throwing up the False Flag claim here and challenge you to produce the product to me. I will pay for the return, conduct a fullest of tests and send you a new set or refund provided you have a receipt. I am confronting you because If you had a legitimate issue you would have contacted me. I am very easy to get in touch with. From your post you seem to have an act grind with me for some personal reason rather than a legitimate product issue. While it is possible to get a resin part with air bubbles, having 20+ parts that the exhaust set contains are made at different times, all with air bubbles as you claim is just not possible. If what you describe is true, you have either another companies product, a bootlegged copy of mine, or your set has been subjected to excessive heat. Yes, cured resin subject to heat above 150 deg F, which can happen if left in vehicle on a hot Sumer day, can produce bubbles regardless of who made. The reality is that this would still not happening to all of the set parts. Further more, you state: " sections that just didn't seem to conform well to the mold they were poured into." You were never in my shop and clearly demonstrate with this statement that you have no idea how resin parts are made. Resin is a liquid, and takes the shape of the mold. It is then put under pressure or vacuum to emanate air bubbles. We use 80 PSI of pressure in pressure pots. Pits as you describe improperly made mold, not from casting. The only way the part would differ is if if it were removed form mold when still not fully cured, or melted by excessive exposure to heat after the fact. Therefore, th only conclusion that can be made is that your statement here is contrived. As for the others here, thanks fo ret kind support. Have I ever made abad part and not caught it, sure I have...no different than can happen with parts from any other company. We stand behind our products and even replace them for free if the buyer damages them during the build. Customers in that case are asked to cover postage only. As many know I am a modeler first. I started the resin out of requests form other modelers to get what I was using on my models. In 6 years we have sold thousands of sets comprising tens of thousands of individual parts. I don't do this for profit but as a service to modelers to offer products that before GT Resin no one else saw fit to make... and make right. I have made many new friends and work with a half dozen plastic companies on product development which is ver rewarding, Unfortunately I run into these types of modelers....if we call them that that all they do is bad mouth and hate for whatever reason. I design, make and package every product under the GT Resin label. We have a1000sq ft climate controlled shop and use the latest in computer modeling combined with old school pattern making to produce items for modelers. Enough said. Have a great day, Gary
  5. Hi, I would be happy to answer any questions you have about the products I make. We have a Forum on ARC.com to answer question, I have a website, two emails and I post under my real name ...not some used screen name. The ZM and Academy intakes are basically drop-in parts. The intakes come with the casting block removed and are a great improvement over the kit parts. Yes , the Hasegawa intake do require some work on the plastic, but no on the resin parts. The instructions clearly show how these are to be installed and there is much information available on line for installation in Hasegawa Phantoms. IF you have any questions, please get hold of me and I will do what I can to help. Gary
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