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  1. Seams filled, ready for 2nd coat...light ghost grey.
  2. Thanks Mark...just ordered a tube of black and 8oz of thinner. My plan is to create a very thin wash and apply it with a larger brush, then wipe with a cotton swab. Sound about right?
  3. Hello again. I've yet to try a weathering technique, and would like to do that on this model. Rather than a pin wash which seems very tedious, can someone suggest something different? Something I can apply with a large brush? I used Testor's enamel as the base coat.
  4. Thanks! I'm no expert so I appreciate the kind words. Overall I'm impressed with the quality of the molding on this kit. The pieces fit well. The only issue I had was the parts on the intake are odd geometrically, but they fit together well. Any gaps are easily putty filled.
  5. Here's what I have so far...
  6. Outstanding! Exactly what I was looking for...thanks!
  7. Hello...I'm having trouble understanding decal placement on interior of intake assemblies, end of build section 1. Can anyone advise or share a pic? Thanks.
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