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  1. Ron, my only reference point being that one eBay auction resulting in a $71.00 final bid, how about $40.00? We can take this to e-mail if you'd like, R550Green(at)sbcglobal(dot)net.
  2. Ron, all I could find was an eBay sale in Feb. 2016 for $71.00 US, so this must be somewhat sought after. Given my motivations, I would sell it to you for less than that. Let me think about it. Thank you for your interest.
  3. Rick, that Flycatcher sounds interesting. What do you want for it? Joe Joe, will sell for $10 + shipping and shipped by any means you choose.
  4. OK, I will have to figure out how to PM.
  5. Esoteric misspelled in second line, too much adrenaline.
  6. I'm a little late to the party here, but my membership had lapsed and I had to reestablish it in order to post, as you know. I have the following Estoteric kits: Curtiss F Boat, NAF-14 Boeing Fighter 3, NAF-7 Grumman Goblin, NAF-22 Fiat C.R. 20, NAF-31 Fairey Flycatcher, NAF-23 Westland Walrus, NAF-36 Great Lakes BG-1 Parnall Panther, NAF-34 Sorry Joe, don't have the particular two Esoterics you mention. I also have the following from Air Craft Models, same M.O. as Esoteric, vacuform plus white metal parts, also from England: D.H. 91 (1/72 scale, this recently sold on eBay for $135), Vickers Vimy Commercial (1/144 scale) ("City of London") I have had under construction for practically forever the Esoteric Grumman "Flying Barrel" but am now close to completion. Showed me how difficult it is with my modest construction skills to handle the vacuformed kit. This fact, and my place on the mortality tables, indicates that as much as I love the idea of vacuform kits and the obscurity of many of the subjects, I am not going to come close to getting them done. Further, I'd like to get some of these into the hands of IPMS colleagues who are personally interested in the subject matter, as opposed to the purely "commercial" approach of sending them out to the eBay marketplace (plus, I haven't yet set up an eBay account and am not committed to the idea of being an eBay vendor). I may pull the Great Lakes biplane off the table because I am a Cleveland native and I'd love to pay homage to both CLE and the manufacturer of the plane, now long gone of course. Rick Green
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