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  1. Been saying this for years... The 102 would have international appeal and would sell well, The 106 was just awesome! Kurt
  2. If you have an air cleaner with an ion generator, put it nearby and that might help remove the charge.
  3. Smoothing and polishing out the wing surface and opening will probably help reduce friction. Use a process similar to prepping for a metallic finish and then make sure to smooth and buff the paint as well. It will probably still wear, but may not show it as quickly? Just a thought...
  4. Hi, finally decided to dip my big toe into the pool and test the IPMS waters! Joining IPMS is a significant step for me, since I am just an average modeler looking to get a little more serious about the hobby. Never entered a model into a contest, but interested in meeting others who do. I participate in the forums at Modeling Madness and have posted some images of completed and WIP kits there, but that is the extent of my connection to other modelers socially. Not sure if there are any active chapters around here (Northeast Atlanta suburb) or others in my area that would be interested in getting together. I build mainly 1/48 scale aircraft with the occasional 1/32 dropped in the mix (just because I could never afford them when I was younger!). Current project is Tamiya's wonderful 1/32 F4U-1. Just about ready to attach the outer wings and start the exterior painting - have done quite a bit since taking this photo. Kurt Deuser
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