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    Retired US Army
    Armor kits , scratch building.
    Converting kits
    I am into running and martial arts, thx to Army
    But Many deployments and years in Army left me a little broken
    Single Dad with two small kids
    Can't wait to pass the building bug onto my kids
    I retired around Fort Campbell
    Clarksville TN
    I have worked before in some miniature building prototyping
    And some minor film work in miniatures
    Also like large scale subs, classic Sci Fi kits
    1/35 , 54 mm figs. Create modify fantasy figs
    Space craft models as well
    Looking forward to finding any local chapters in this area of TN
  1. Any IPMS meetings of local area around Nashville TN, Clarksville TN Thanks?
  2. This will sound crazy how about the madness of a super kit of a 1/32 scale space shuttle , Orion or Dragon Capsule Since we have B-25 in large scale and B-17 which are great Space stuff in large scale
  3. Hi Brand new to IPMS Just retired from Army near Ft Campbell Live around Clarksville TN It's with in 45 minutes of Nashville Any one know of contacts for local area? Please Thx
  4. Just double checking got my first issue And it had the membership last issue paper in it as well I understand that it was a mistake Kind of funny for me I just joined last month Lol It's all good
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