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  1. didn't like that "1:250", it was mostly a guess. So the part represented is 276 m tall. The corresponding scale model is 49 inches. Thus a scale of 1:225. hmm, not that bad.
  2. OK, turns out that 1/100 is big. I mean, BIG. like in huge, especially parts count. So I sort of kept track until it went past about 2,500 connectors. I sort of feel it's beyond 4,000 or so by now, plust maybe some 6,000 straw pieces that have to be cut exactly to size - all proportions between parts depend on every strut being proportional - not paying attention to that is what killed version 0.1. And that means sort of 10,000 possible failure points. Maybe I am totally mistaken in my stategy, but I felt it would be simpler to redo the whole thing, one more time, the third one is..., et
  3. The Base 208 laser cut connector pieces (plus 4 cardboard base plates). Those 2 pieces are of 14 different kinds. Each of the 4 legs has 4 main pillars plus 4 pillars for the decorative arches. That completed, you got all of 2 inches from the floor :-)
  4. So you made a 1/1000 Eiffel! Great! I am getting into a 1/100 scale. Build log here: http://forum.ipmsusa3.org/index.php?/topic/13670-1100-eiffel-tower-with-dirigible/&do=findComment&comment=76304
  5. * from There's some idiom about selling the bearskin before you bagged the critter. So I did this Kickstarter for my learning tools, STEMginery. Mostly it's about connectors and soda straws. As the highest Reward I offered parts to build a 1/100 scale Eiffel Tower (that's 10 feet tall). I had started designing and making the parts, all was OK, but then sort of got sidetracked. Well, one person asked for it. so now I have to deliver :-) follow my build log here http://forum.ipmsusa3.org/index.php?/topic/13670-1100-eiffel-tower-with-dirigible/&do=findComment&comment=763
  6. The Eiffel tower is iconic engineering at its best. To experience the feats, the summum of engineering, the Eiffel Tower, a.k.a. La Tour de 300 metres, cannot be too far. Pictures? videos? websites? all fine. Build it? awesome! I will be logging here my build of La Grande Dame, the one that for over a hundred years has seen these ugly bags of water go to and fro. I am actually in business to help kids and grown-ups build their giftings and skills and patch their weaknesses in particular regarding STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and learning and doing and makin
  7. Hi! I'm very new, but come in with much energy. My local chapter, Austin TX, has a wonderful newsletter, the Sprue Examiner http://www.austinsms.org/newsletter.php . I have written an article regarding issues relevant to scale model rope and cordage - mostly my own experience in dealing with the subject, and am fixin' to publish it there. I am such a noob that likely I miss better solutions that wiser people have figured already Therefore, I would be enormously grateful if a few of y'all could take a look at my draft. If you send me an email to ATXinventor at that mail service that s
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