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  1. Some of the special issues are collections of reprints of articles from past issues pertaining to the same subject. Take a close look at the articles to see if you may already have most of them. If not they are usually good as they cover one topic in some detail.
  2. Richard, Just saw the notice in this months Airfix Model World. Great overview of the book. Congrats!!!!!
  3. Richard, This is a great topic to cover in an e-book. I have been looking all over the internet to find this type of information with very little luck. Any general graphic creation/resizing/copying and reprinting information is what is needed. I have Paint Shop Pro, but I would assume that general techniques are easily transferable. One topic of interest is making a copy of old decals and cleaning them up so they look "new". A second is resizing a set of decals to use on a larger or smaller scale model. Thanks for thinking of this as there is very little real usable information on this topic. Skip
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