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  1. What was the name of the product Testors use to have that was like a stretchy material that you could stretch out and form canopies for trucks and transports? Looking for something similar to that for transport covers that you can stretch out form and then they kind of dry up firm to look real. Thanks for any help
  2. Don, thanks so much for the advice again. We got in some of the most popular Detail Master and Model Car Garage photo etch parts and wire sets and detailing tape. Its been getting great responses. Selling alot more wire sets and stuff. We use to just special order for certain guys and now we have found other guys buying it that were getting it online in the past. As far as the paints go we have Vallejo, Model Masters, and Tamiya paints. We did get some of the Alclad paints in about 3 months abgo but I think alot of the guys are scared to use them. We did have a guy paint 2 models for us to show how it looks when its done. It looks really good but he said it is a bear to work with. He prefers model masters metalizers it sounds like. Thanks again
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. Yea we have been open since 1954 so we've been around a long time. Plastic modeling used to be one of the biggest sellers and then it just sort of tailed off once video games came along but lately it seems all the 35-55 year old guys that use to build are all of the sudden getting back into the hobby. It's great really. We do have those magazines mentioned so I'll make sure to check em out to see what's hot.
  4. Hello I work at a hobby shop in Iowa and we have recently had a real boom in modeling and I'm looking for some feedback on Airbrushes. We have only ever carried a single action and double action Paasche airbrush. What brands of Airbrushes do you modelers prefer or recommend. Looking for maybe what a good starter would be and the maybe a step up from there and then a top of the line for you really skilled guys. Thanks for your feedback
  5. One to add Major Art & Hobby Center 201 E 2nd St Davenport, IA 52801 (563) 323-9042 We've been at the same location since 1954 oldest hobby shop in the quad cities area
  6. I work at a small hobby shop in iowa and we are starting to see a real growth in car modeling recently and I'm just wondering if you guys could take a second and give me some feedback on what models you are excited to see coming out so we can possibly stock them. We carry mainly Revell and AMT but also have some polar lights and moebius kits. Wondering if there is some other manufacturers kits you really like that might not be one of these more we'll known brands. My other question is that we are also getting into some detailed parts and accessories. Pin stripping tape, a few photo etched detailing parts, some flocking, and a few other things like fuzzy dice etc. I'm just wondering what detailed parts you guys use the most and if there are certain brands that you prefer over others. We have 2 modeling clubs that now meet in our shop as well so I'll be interested to see what your feedback is compared to their feedback on these questions. Most of the guys are interested in car modeling but we do have some aircraft and armor guys as well. It's harder to stock all the accessories for those categories so mainly focusing on car detail stuff. Thanks for your feedback. It's a real help.
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