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  1. Okay. First putty can be a relatives visit. A little goes a long way. First try looking at the seam before you glue. A lot of times seams can be seriously reduced by trimming or light scraping before you glue. Next using liquid cement try to clamp the parts together tightly and if a little glue come up when you scrape along the seam line (use the back of the blade), that should eliminate the seam line. If not, put masking tape down along both sides of the seam. This will protect other details. Use very little putty and see if that helps. Now here is a trick I learned while building some Au
  2. Check out Dave fisher's videos. He is the editor of amazing figure modeer magazine and does some fantastic work
  3. Mark, Thank you very much. I was unaware of the similarities so I downloaded the instructions, so I should be able to figure out the decals from some photos and the box art. No Joy is a semi official navy communications term. You would use it when you had no luck on something and in the radio log you would see "Sqnd 2 Orestes 4 Megger no joy att" I want to thank everyone for their quick response and help.
  4. I went to the revell site and looked at the downloadable instruction sheet and no joy. I contacted C/S and asked did they have a copy available and thats when in the reply I was told that because of the contract issue they could not supply parts/instructions or decals.
  5. Hello. I just started to get back into modeling after many years away. Last friday at my Tidewater IPMS meeting, at the raffle I won a Mark Martin 2000 Ford Taurus revell kit 85-2586. The kit is complete with the exception of the instruction sheet. I contacted revell and they told me that due to the lapse of the contract with Nascar they could not supply the kit instructions. I would appreciate any help in this. I would be willing to pay for copying or postage if paper copies are all that is available. Thank you for any help you could provide. Robert W. Gregory
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