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  1. Been a long while since a real update. Ghost Rider is all together. Props are painted. Lots of filling, sanding, primer in that order, over and over and over. The chaff/flare fairings, the EW sensors just aft of the nose, the TACAN antennas as well as the VOR antenna on the tail are on!
  2. A little more progress...still fighting me a little bit. I discovered Mr. Surfacer 500! Cockpit painted, Pilot Painted, aft area of cockpit painted. Mr. Surfacer here and there. I'm pretty proud of that pilot!
  3. This kit, among others has been on the shelf of doom. I decided that it's time to finish it while I'm working on other projects at the same time. This kit is fighting me at every turn! It's almost like it doesn't want to be built. It's built out of the box. The only extras are a decent pilot figure out of the Monogram F-100 kit and a reworked instrumentation boom at the nose. Closing the gear doors proved challenging at they weren't the best fit. They were close, but not exact. The wing were glued in place. I didn't want them full forward, but not full aft either, so I settled at about 2
  4. I've neglected some updates, so here goes. Flight Deck. Not much to see here. Any detail in here is really lost when the model is closed up. I will dull this down a little bit before I close the fuselage. Cut the window and added the doubler to the paratroop door Boxed in the in Bofors cannons I didn't like the mounting of the two forward guns A side shot
  5. Yes, Just haven't taken any recent pics...I'll get some up this weekend.
  6. A little more work on Ghost Rider this morning... I added patches and fairing to the ex-forward cargo door area. If you look at early Vietnam era photos of Ghost Rider you will see intake scoops in this are which had be removed by the time it was heading into retirement. The fairing in the kit has an opening on the aft side of the fairing. This needed to be closed to be accurate. I also closed the left aft paratroop door and removed the raised reinforcements from the upper section. A window was added on the door above the Beacon Tracking RADAR fairing. The spotlight area is closed, sanded
  7. I have put the WC-130J in a holding pattern while I get started on this project. The plan is to finish the Weatherbird and the Spectre at the same time. One weekend in the early Fall of 1993, I was called out to the airbase to work on a transient Herk that dropped in for RADAR problems. Well, I wasn't a Comm/Nav troop. I was a GAC troop. They Pro Super told me that they couldn't get a hold of the Comm/Nav person and since I was cross trained, it fell on me. I got out to the base to see an AC-130. The crew told me that they had already troubleshot the system and determined that they needed a n
  8. Some more Herk work... APU Fairing left sponson Real aircraft Model - Styrene cut to shape and filled and faired in. Overall A/C pack Exhaust/Vent...pilot hole drilled Stiffeners on top of fuselage Overall shot on stand with 53d WRS patch
  9. Same area primed and aft window relocated Left side observer/escape hatch square window cut in. The right side sponson extension in place and the A/C pack scoop getting filled and faired in. I got the square tubing sleeve installed so the model can be in its in-flight configuration and the base is complete. I also added the forward inlet scoop on the right side of the fuselage. The revised J beaver tail mounting is also done.
  10. Following my C-130H "Screaming Eagle" build that appeared in the Mar/Apr issue of the IPMS Journal, I got inspired to pull out my Testors/Italeri C-130J kit. The Testors boxing of the C-130J was the first J to hit the shelves back in the 90's. Basically, this kit is the same old Italeri C-130E with the new 2100 engines and 6 blade props. It should come as no surprise when I say, adding 2100 engines and 6-blade props does not a C-130J make. There's a lot more to it. To make this conversion work, you need Parts Tree F from the Italeri boxing of the C-130J or just start out with that kit. I
  11. It would be cool on the last page of each Journal to have a "In the next Issue..." preview.
  12. I just sent an email to the editor. Maybe I can get some help there.
  13. No I haven't. Thought I would try here first.
  14. I submitted an article for submission, got a response that they were interested in my submittal. I took photos of my subject and after numerous attempts of contacting the art director to submit my photos, I get no response to my inquiries. Did they change their mind? Is there someone else I can submit my article and photos to? Need a little help here.
  15. I was actually surprised how easy it was to work with. I never used the stuff before, so I was a little scared.
  16. Speed/Dive Brakes Aircraft: Model: Milliput is your friend.
  17. Added scratch built antennas... The real aircraft: Additions to the model:
  18. Worked on the exhaust nozzle...I may have to tone it down a bit...what do you think?
  19. I reworked the exhaust nozzle. The demonstrator differs greatly from the production jet The unmodified kit part (from my previous build) Modified part
  20. Left Side Added Exhaust vents Right Side APU Exhaust deflector
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