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  1. Tried searching the forums about this but my efforts were poor. Why “gear up” when it comes to this category? Interested in the logic/reason. Normally you are airborne when weight off wheels. Gear could be down or in transit soon after rotation or on final/in the pattern. I called “airborne” to CATCC each Case III launch. I guarantee I was airborne, but I was still waiting for three up indicators and the red light to go out in the gear handle. More curious than anything, appreciate any insight. Chee
  2. Accept nothing but the best: http://m.products.axaltacs.com/mcat/...t2?mobile=true Best putty I have ever used. Dries quick, and sands/feathers perfectly. http://www.axaltacs.com/us/en_US/pro...r-locator.html Cheers Collin
  3. Really interested in the VF-781 markings if someone might have those. Cheers Collin tatuskocs@gmail.com
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