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  1. Not sure if this is the right forum for this if not, and maybe you have already seen them if so i apologize. http://www.airshowbuzz.com/go/thread/view/119602/27000705/F-100F_Super_Sabre_joins_the_Collings_Foundations_Vietnam_Memorial_Flight?pg=1
  2. Wow Gil those are awesome! I didn't realize that dentists used these. and even though the ones that I buy are like 7 cents apiece these are nicer cause you don't have to zip off the pointed bevel with a dremel and cut off wheel. good find!
  3. I run a small medical supply co. if you need something PM me and I will give you some pricing (its very inexpensive)
  4. That's why I picked the 21/22g because of the bore (20mm) being the diameter of the actual shell right?
  5. I have attached the syringe needle gauge chart for anyone interested. I am going to use the 21g or 22g (which ever one looks best) as the closest to 1/48 I can get in a SS syringe needle. thanks again Ed. Syringe Needle Gauge Chart (attached) Syringe Needle Gauge Chart.doc
  6. Thanks Ed! I appreciate it.
  7. I searched the forums for this to no avail, I cant believe no one ever asked before, but maybe its the way i typed it into the search, regardless can anyone tell me what diameter tubing would be equivalent to 20mm in 1/48 scale? or maybe the equation to figure it out for myself would be good also. thanks in advance for your time.
  8. Thanks Pres, And I will certainly post my progress! I'm real stoked about it.
  9. Hey Gil, that's awesome I figured someone out their would have done this or at least thought real hard.....about it LOL! the web site says (and I quote) "White vac formed plastic sheet in 1mm - 1.25mm -1.5mm or 2mm thickness. Crystal clear cockpit canopies, turrets, etc as required. High quality cast metal fittings such as propellers, seats, engines, undercarriage legs, radiators, wheels, guns, aerials, etc as required. Computer drawn and printer controlled decals" and here is the link if you want to take a look! http://www.sangereng.fsnet.co.uk/boeing_b47photo.htm
  10. Well I did it, I ordered the kit. pic's on their web site look good I only hope I can do it justice. I am going to model it after a Vietnam era ERB-47H maybe even add the testbed F-111 nose! So many possibilities! I may never get it built.
  11. Thanks again Gil I will have to check that out! I actually had the UpNorth template for the F-100D (I will try to attach a pic so you can see it) I just cant find it When I first saw it advertised and the guys were talking about it I bought one it was sweet see the attached. I will have to try it the other way and see if im steady enough! Mike
  12. Thanks Gil, sounds great! and I will certainly post some pic's of my progress very soon! Mike
  13. Thanks Mark, I am really looking forward to my first meeting tomorrow night. and will of course give Steve the msg! Thanks Again! Mike
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