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  1. i attended the hobby expo 2011 in petaluma

    ca hosted by santa rosa mt diablo i have to say it was a great show lots of fun i loved their special awards im sure there will be pics on line somewhere i have not figured that out yet i entered a 1/32 tamiya supermarine spitfire johnie johnson out of the box i made a few visible mistakes with the decaling one british marking on the side it ripped

  2. happy b-day hope it was a good one

  3. happy birthday hope it was a good one

  4. not to be lame or nothin but i just purchased a computer the one im one and iv found im not computer friendly yet and i work long hrs it will take me a while to get the hang of all this im not ignoring anyone just havent figured it out i cant put pictures on line yet .
  5. hi guys, a little about me I have been modeling for about 30yrs my dad started teaching me at about 5yrs old and its never stopped. i had only done cars hotrods and race cars im now doing military aircraft and an occasional car i started entering contests when i was 8 the first was the Oakland roadster show iv since entered many, mostly IPMS shows all over northern CA where in turn I have met several members of IPMS model clubs im now a member of the San Joaquin Valley Scale Modelers the Tomcats i have only won a few awards 4 to be exact but i have come to learn its not about the awards its the fun of modeling and meeting new friends that share in the same hobby that we all like
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