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  1. Excellent work! [tup] The face is exceptional! One thing that did strike me though, is the eyes. They seem almost a hair too big. Perhaps it's just me. WHo cares? Anyway, great job!
  2. Thanks for the compliment. I really want to work on my armor more, but the figures have begun to take over my already over-crowded workbench... MAybe it's just that I can finish a figure in about 2 weeks, maybe a bit less. When building a tank or airplane, I take FOREVER!!!! I have AMS, just without too much emphasis on the "A" advanced part... lol! More like I try to do a million things to something, I start those, and then the model languishes untill reality hits me in the face. Anyway, I'll post another tread with some more of my work, And I hope to get a tread running on one of my many wip's!
  3. Here's just a few I have on Photobucket already. Enjoy!
  4. Hmmm... Finescale seems a bit more active, but most likely, this place has less idiots. lol! Do trolls get in here much? Finescale's always got a troll about once every 2 months or so... Thanks for the welcome, and I'll post some pics of my work soon!
  5. Wow! two thumbs up! But where's the SS tank commander sitting on top? Seriously though, overall, very nice, and really convincing. It has that GErman Tiger 1 look to it...
  6. Hi! welcome! I'm a noob myself, so you're not alone ;) Excellent work! I would only tighten up the rigging on the La-5. Kinda sagging. But excellent owrk overall! I wish I could build that clean... lol!
  7. Hi! My name is Graham Matlock, and I'm from Wisconsin. There's not too much to say about myself, I'm a total Star Wars nut (Note the username) geek, and just plain wierd in several ways. But I love to model. 'nugh said. I'm somewhat new to the IMPS organization, I registered a few months ago. Someone may have heard my name before, I got 1st place at Nats this year in junior figures. (Oh, BTW: I'm 15 years old) HAppy about that, but that's not important. Anyway, the forum looks good! I've been around Finescale forums a year now, and I figured I'd migrate over here a while. Cheers! Graham
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