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  1. Lower half of the hull in red primer, upper half and turret elfbien, engine compartment primer. G.L.
  2. Freud? Didn't he have his brainstorm about shrinkage right after a cold shower? So whats the best thinner/remover for bondo? G.L.
  3. Anybody use Bondo? I got half a tube from a guy that was moving and it seems ok. Hate to pitch it if it's usefull. G.L.
  4. The clear epoxy w/bare metal foil backing is first up. I'm getting good at gouging/drilling out headlights. I think I'll build a broken headlight too on the next vehicle in the dio, might be easier to do then the dang lens! G.L.
  5. Hey thanks, I'll try the clear epoxy cause I got some. I'll look around for "googley eyes" and I guess I have to break down and order MV lenses (cheap sob that I am). If I don't like any of that I guess its time for painting on black-out slits or getting real anal and modeling broken headlights. Thanks again guys, I needed more options. G.L.
  6. I'm trying to do the lenses on the headlights of a 1/35 armored car and I just can't seem to get them to come out right. I've painted the inside silver let it dry then fill with testors clear parts cement. Too opaque. Gouge it out. Fill the inside with bare metal foil then fill with super glue. Everything got all wrinkle looking. Drill it out. Paint silver then fill with future, besides takeing layer after layer it drys so clear it dosen't look like a headlight! MV lenses? I've got one. So, what method to use here? Theres gotta be a secret trick here. Anybody? thanks G.L.
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