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Atlantis Allison turbo prop engine Revell repop


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Atlantis models is releasing shortly, the old 1960’s kit of the Allison turbo prop engine in September.  Unfortunately the kit will not come with the motorizing accessories included with the original.  I am hoping that someone out there may have an idea of where to obtain these componants without having to purchase the entire old kit off the internet.  I’m mainly interested in the gears and their support structure within the reduction casing.  I’ve spoken with a representative at Atlantis and they evidently don’t  have the molds or aren’t interested in producing the extra parts. 

I have the instructions for the motorization and would be glad to share them with anyone who would be interested and would provide an email address. 

The animation of,this model was what really fascinated me the first time i built it and don’t  understand why it was eliminated from successive issues. 

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