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Hello Everyone,

I hope you can help me with a project which I am gathering the materials I'll need to give my modeler (in this case, Kyle Lord) in order for him to build it for me.

I have a hull from Christian Sheppard, a 20mm on a Mark X mount, two ready-service lockers and I'm waiting for some depth charges and Mark XVII mounts for the twin .50s - all from SHAPEWAYS.

OK, a FaceBook Friend told me that these PTCs built by MIAMI SHIPBUILDING for the USSR and other navies in WW2, and based on their 63' AVRs, were called the Type 293.

What I need to know now is, did the Type 293 and the normal AVR share the same cockpit/charthouse/turret structure? If they did? Could I have Kyle use plans for the AVR variant of that hull to scratch build that structure?

With that in mind, I would like to, and humbly so, ask Dr. Ross if he has clear drawings of that structure (which he emailed me a few years ago)... I've tried to print them out and I don't think they are clear enough for use by Kyle.

If Dr. Ross can't help me, do any of you know where I can find these plans/drawings?

Thank you,


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