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The Great Flash Gordon Community Build!


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Ladies and Gentlemen:

I have posted the suggestion on the HobbyTalk Modeling Forum that we organize a group build. This hadn't been done since 2014. The suggestion garnered some support; then it occurred to me that it might be fun to invite modelers from other forums to participate as well. So consider this your invitation to join the group build!

The model selected is the Atlantis reissue (or an original kit, if you're so inclined) of Revell's Flash Gordon model kit. The group build will commence on June 1st, with a deadline of October 1st. Do whatever you wish with the model. Post your WIP photos and comments to this thread and I'll publish links among all the other forums involved so every participant can view everyone else's progress.

The idea here is to see how many variations can be accomplished with the same model kit, promote figure modeling in our hobby, and of course, to have fun. The Great Flash Gordon Invitational Community Build is on! Are you in?

Here are the other forums I've invited (I'm waiting to get placed on the FineScale Modeler Group Build calendar): The Clubhouse, the HobbyTalk Modeling Forum, and the Universal Monster Army. Hopefully we'll get the FSM forum soon.

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Two freakin' years ago I launched "The Great Flash Gordon Invitational Community Build". The idea was to get members of several different modeling forums to interpret the same model, the then-newly reissued ex-Revell 1965 "Flash Gordon and the Martian" kit from Atlantis. The response was terrific, and a lot of people posted photos of really great models. Except for me, I got caught up building other people's kits and couldn't finish my own. Idiot.

Anyhow, I still want to see the project through. So those of you who did finish your models, as well as those of you who didn't or would like to participate, can visit the Facebook page I've just set up: https://www.facebook.com/pg/greatflashgordoncommunitybuild/posts/. I still want to gather up the photos of everybody's completed models to include in an article for publication in a hobby magazine. I can't make any guarantees, but I've had good luck seeing my stuff in print in the past.

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