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1/24 Bill Thomas Cheetah


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Joseph - Here are a few photo's from San Diego Coronado Island Speed Classic Vintage Car Race of a Original Bill Thomas Cheetah. This is a great event held at the Navy's North Island Airbase as part of Fleet Week [ just last weekend]. It is not unusual at this event to be taking photo's and one of the crew members will ask you to put down your camera and lend a hand on a car to get it ready for next race! I have crewed on a Bugatti Type 35, Alfa and a Shelby Mustang [ if you call moving things, cleaning and holding tools etc to be crewing?]. I have a Resin Kit of the Cheetah done by a company called Mini Exotics that is very well done. They give you the basics and you will need to use a AMT Mercedes 300 Gullwing Coupe for the chassis and a lot of parts box stuff to finish it. I did purchase a New Tamiya Mercedes 300 Gullwing with the idea of using it as bases for the resin Cheetah body. The TV program GEARS has been building a Cheetah replica this season with lots of info on the original. If I only had a extra $100k on hand!




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