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Warm fuzzies and a request for members on the forum.

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I have not seen participation in recent history approaching the "Out of Box" and Vignettes" topics in a long, long time. As Forum Administrator and a member of IPMS, I'm absolutely stoked to see this level of participation online from more members. Note that I will NEVER silence a dissenting opinion unless it turns personal. I want you all to discuss, debate, and enjoy your time on here.I have just one request:


Post a build. Post something in progress, or completed.


Many of us love seeing what others do, gaining valuable tips and tricks from members who have far, far more experience. If even 20% of the people posting in the hot topics (that do not currently post builds) posted, say, a new car build, we'd see an uptick in usage. An uptick in usage means more hits on Google and more exposure.


These forums have such potential, being the home of IPMS online. Many of us are seriously concerned with long term viability of the society and an active, vibrant online community will really help with reaching out to new members, especially in the age brackets where we seriously lack representation.


Ladies and gents, consider this a challenge.

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