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Subforum Rules

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Guest PetrolGator

General Rules

1) This subforum is reserved for the buying, selling, and trading of model related items ONLY. If there is some ambiguity of the appropriateness of an item, PM me directly before posting and we will discuss it.

2) Vendors are welcome to provide links to new items or sales. Please try your best to consolidate and/or delete obsolete threads to avoid confusing members.

3) Sellers posting items "For Sale" WILL be allowed to provide an eBay link if, and only if, the thread has existed for a week, without interest. This link must be removed within 5 days of the sale's end. Abuse of this rule will result in the removal of any sale threads by the member until notice is given otherwise.

4) It is strongly recommended that a seller provides a tracking number, via PM, to the buyer.

5) Once a deal has ended and both parties are satisfied, it is strongly encouraged to mention, by name, the person you dealt with in the "Straight Shooters" list.

6) If there is a dispute, PM me. I will not tolerate public name calling. If a buy or seller is shown to have conducted business in a dishonest fashion, they will not be allowed to post in the Buy/Sell forum until the issue has been resolved.

7) I suggest using PayPal or some other secure payment method for ALL business deals. If a check/money order is desired, you are responsible for doing your own background check on the other party.


Prohibited Items

1) Firearms, projectiles, or anything related. I will delete said thread and recommend the removal of said member.

2) Edged weapons. Same as above.

3) Actual motored transportation items. This includes, but is not limited to, real cars, aircraft, and boats. Seriously, sell these on eBay or CraigList.

4) Drugs, alcohol, or anything related. Do I really have to state this?

5) Anything dictated by the moderation staff as being inappropriate.


Requisite Disclaimer

This subforum is provided to facilitate communication between users that are interested in buying, selling, or trading scale models or model related merchandise. Other than a location, The IPMS Forum does not provide any other mechanism for facilitating these transactions and will not assume responsibility for damages suffered by anyone taking part in these transactions. The IPMS Forum does not assume any responsibility or liability for ensuring the trustworthiness or validity of buyers or sellers and offers no mediation or resolution services. By making use of this section, each member acknowledges that the IPMS Forum and its ownership and moderators do not assume responsibility for any damages suffered by any party during a transaction arranged via these forums. In other words, buy/sell at your own risk.

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