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  1. Thanks guys. I've been watching uncle Night Shift lately and may just do that. Hi Mark and thank you my friend.
  2. Thanks guys Rusty, yes, yes I do. Not much into WW1 ships though. Civil War back to galleons, WW2 on. In fact I had several ships at the Nats.
  3. Hello everybody, First time on here although I have a presents on several other forums. My wife and I live in the Boise ID area. I have been modeling since 65 (4 years old) with my father showing me. The first kit I remember with him was the 1/96 Revell USS Constitution. I almost bought that same kit at the Nats just for sentimental reasons. In 69 I built my first kit by myself, the Hawk 1/48 Cessna Skymaster. My main interests are 700 and 350 WW2 to modern ships, WW2 to modern 72nd aircraft, sci-fi and sometimes a car or two. I do some 72nd armor but that's maybe once a year. Went to my first Nats in Vegas and my wife and I are looking forward to Omaha in 22.
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